Bulgarian MEP Slavi Binev. Photo: GORD pressrelease

Bulgarian MEP Slavi Binev, who is exposed in a diplomatic cable revealed by Wikileaks as an OC group leader will present at the next plenary session in the European Parliament a report on financial aid for „Arab Spring“ countries to be granted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development [EBRD].

The cable in question lists the major figures of the Bulgarian Organized Crime. It was first published by The Guardian, severely censored, due to libel concerns.

However, not a single libel case was filled from the exposed protagonists after and since the Bulgarian investigative journalism website Bivol published the uncensored text, but Bivol’s editor Atanas Chobanov was subject of a smearing campaign in Bulgarian media owned by the exposed mobsters.

Former US Ambassador in Bulgaria James Pardew, who is also a former military intelligence officer wrote in the cable about Binev:

I. (C) MIG GROUP (also known as COOL PASS[3])  The MIG GROUP, headed by SLAVCHO PENCHEV BINEV (Bulgarian citizen born 10 December 1965, also known as „SLAVY“), owns more than 30 nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in Sofia, including the popular nightclubs BIAD, DALI, and BIBLIOTEKA. GEORGI STOYANOV (Bulgarian citizen) and MIHAIL STEFANOV (Bulgarian citizen) are „Slavy“ Binev’s two deputies. The group’s business interests also include construction and tourism; it operates a travel agency as part of its COOL PLACE entertainment complex.  The group’s criminal activities include prostitution, narcotics, and trafficking stolen automobiles.

Bulgarian OC is one of the main concerns of US diplomats in Sofia. Prominent figures of the actual Bulgarian political and business elite are considered to be connected to OC and Russian Mafia, including PM Boyko Borissov, who is linked to amphetamines trafficking, oil syphoning and money laundering.

„Information from SIMO tends to substantiate these allegations“ – wrote in 2006 US Ambassador Bayerle in a secret cable from Sofia. As for now, the meaning of SIMO remains a mystery.

Slavi Binev Determines…

Binev was elected MEP in 2007 on the ballot of the Bulgarian far-right, nationalist party „Ataka“, but left it later and recently founded his own nationalist party, named GORD.

Slavi Binev determines which Arab Spring country to finance“ was the title of the press release sent today to announce the event.

Financing should be done carefully over the ever-present risk of funding a dictatorial regime„, Binev stated in the press release, sent by GORD’s office.

The announce comes just after the arrest of human right activist Nabeel Rajab, interviewed in the Julian Assange Show „The World Tomorrow,“ in Bahrein, which is one of the prominent „Arab Spring“ countries, where the dictatorial regime is still in place.


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