# Who Tempered CCB’s Notebooks*?

The name of investigator Tsaneva, listed on June 13, 2014, when the headquarters of the collapsed private lender Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB) on 159, “Tsar Boris III” street were raided, has disappeared.

*During the past week, photocopied pages of the notebook listing the names of the visitors of the majority shareholder of the collapsed CCB bank, Tsvetan Vasilev, leaked to Bulgarian media. Vasilev officially denied any involvement in the leak.

Bivol’s reader, Dimitrin Vitchev, drew attention on Facebook that the “hot-topic” registries from the entrance of the building on 159, “Tsar Boris III” street have strange gaps right on June 13, 2014. This is the day when prosecutors went to that address and raided premises of companies related to CCB’s majority shareholder Tsvetan Vasilev.

The third file from the notebooks of CCB’s gatekeeper that leaked to the media ends on this date. The last entry in it is Krassimir (or Dragomir) Stanimirov, under number 24, who at 1:11 pm has headed to the CCB’s office on the second floor.

Several entries above, we find the name of the publisher of Frog News, Ognyan Stefanov, who visited Biser Lazov, now key prosecution witness against Tsvetan Vasilev. Stefanov left at 11:12 am.

Just below him, under number 18, we see the name of investigator Tsaneva who went to the company Fina-S on the sixth floor at 10:34 am.

Under number 15, we see the deleted name of a person who at 10:15 pm had headed to Albena Andreeva on the sixth floor, but came out almost immediately – at 10:18 am.

. 130614

Click on the image and open it in full screen to view and compare the two files from June 13, 2014.

New notebook, new list, missing names…

The next and fourth file starts with the entries from the same day, June 13, although the year is obviously wrong. This record ends on August 13, 2014.

The content from the last page of the previous notebook has been copied in another notebook, but with very significant differences.

– No time for the arrival of the first two people on the list;

– Number 12, Nedelcho Valchev, and number 13, Asen Mitrev, from the previous notebook are reversed;

– Investigator Tsaneva is missing;

– Stanimirov is also missing;

– The times of the arrivals of Nicholay Vangelov and Borislav Ivanov don’t match the previous notebook;

– The next visitors were entered after 1 pm.

Bivol asked the following questions to the prosecution as they are of great public interest and may shed light on the origin of the pages and their authenticity:

– Have the investigative bodies seized on June 13, 2014, a notebook with the entries of the arrivals in the building on 159 “Tsar Boris III” street, where the offices of CCB, TV7 and other companies are located?

– Has investigator Tsaneva participated in the procedural investigative activities?

– Has a person named Stanimirov participated in the procedural investigative activities?

– Have the investigative bodies seized in August 2014 a notebook with the entries of the arrivals in the building on 159 “Tsar Boris III” street?

– In the event that these notebooks have been seized, where are they stored and do they qualify as material evidence?

– In the event that these notebooks are available to the prosecution, can the uniformity or similarity of their contents with the leaked copies of the notebooks from the building on 159 “Tsar Boris III” street be confirmed or denied?


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