5 Guesthouses Belong to Relatives of Bulgarian Party Leader

A sister-in-law and a brother-in-law of Mustafa Karadayi, leader of the party mostly representing the Bulgarian Muslim minority – Movement for Rights and Freedoms, (DPS), are behind four projects for guesthouses in Karadayi’s native village of Borino. Their companies have received over EUR 1 million of European Union (EU) money under the Rural Development Program (RDP). So, it turns out that the family of the politician owns half of Borino’s accommodation places financed by the EU. On his part, Karadayi’s brother-in-law Nevredin Küçük is “subscribed” to the municipal public procurement. His company Videnitsa 2004 has executed contracts for over BGN 3.5 million. Apart from this, the company of Karadayi’s own brother has contracts for another BGN 1.3 million.

The “guesthouses boss” hands money for houses to in-laws

The “family and relatives” projects that had been awarded financing under the RDP are of the companies Chala Invest – BGN 391,160 for the “Construction of guesthouses for rural tourism“, Chala Tour with a project for “Construction of a vacation village for rural tourism in the Podolata site in the village of Chala” for BGN 244,530, Troka with a project for BGN 128,290 for the “Construction of a guesthouse in the Kastrakli area in the village of Borino” and Izvora Invest with the project “Guesthouse, reconstruction of the existing floor and adding one more floor; purchase of transport vehicles” for BGN 281,321 and another project of the same company for “Public works and landscaping of a guesthouse and purchase of funds for non-agricultural activity” for the modest BGN 38,968.

The names of Zatie Karaahmed, who is the sister of Djevrie, Mustafa Karadayi’s the wife, therefore – his sister-in-law, of Nevredin Küçük, who is Djevrie’s brother and brother-in-law of Karadayi, as well as of Nevredin’s wife – Gülten Küçük appear in all these companies. Zatie is also the wife of the Mayor of Borino Mustafa Karaahmed – another relative of Karadayi.

In order to avoid a very obvious concentration of European projects in the hands of the same persons, the firms have been initially registered to straw people, but have been subsequently acquired by Zatie, Nevredin and his wife Gülten. The research of the property deals confirms that Karadayi’s relatives had been behind these projects from the very beginning.

In fact, companies linked to Mustafa Karadayi hold half the guesthouses in the Borino municipality that have been funded with European money. In addition, it emerged that Karadayi’s mother is running a family hotel in Borino, built under the EU SAPARD program.

Another trick is that the bids had been for separate projects, but in fact, a single development of several guest houses had been built, advertised online as “Chala Villas“. The “Lake House” of Gülten Küçük also lists for contact the phone od Karadayi’s sister-in-law – Zatie Karaahmed. The price is negotiable.

The financing of connected parties is banned under the RDP rules, as the program’s idea is to support the small local business and not the relatives of politicians to build resorts. On the other hand, the main distributor of RDP funds is, as Bivol already wrote, another political figure from the DPS – Atije Alieva-Veli, the everlasting Deputy Director of the State Fund Agriculture (SFA), the body in charge of distributing European Union (EU) funds for agriculture, who deals specifically with the implementation of the RDP. She is now a MEP candidate on the DPS ballot. She has no guesthouse, not even an apartment in Sofia. Her father, however, bought a luxury apartment in the capital, which she is using but failed to declare this fact.

Family-property-business connections

Mustafa Karadayi’s wife is Djevrie Raifova Karadayi. Küçük is her maiden name. Her sister Zatie Raifova Karaahmed is married to Borino’s Mayor – Mustafa Karaahmed. Djevrie and Zatie also have a brother, Nevredin Raif Küçük.

Thus, all of them and Karadayi are relatives and in-laws, while Nevredin’s company Videnitsa 2004 has implemented public procurement contracts in the municipality for over BGN 3.5 million on its own or in consortia.

Mustafa Karadayi has brother Ahmed, who is a municipal councilor in Borino and Chairman of the municipal structure of the DPS. His company Commerce-Borino has won public procurement for BGN 1.3 million in the region. Ahmed Karadayi’s brother-in-law is Muzaffer Ahmedov, Deputy Mayor of Borino with a portfolio of “natural disasters”.

By the way, the other guesthouses in Borino also had not been built by commoners. “Team – Borino” with funding of BGN 391,160 is owned by the municipal councilor from the ruling party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) Jamal Redjepov Assanov. The “prominent” businessman and concessionaire of hunting farms, Stefan Daskalov, has renewed his hunting home with EU money under the cover of a guesthouse of his daughter’s company.


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