The express examination of the recording in the “Yaneva Gate” case had managed to restore them to their original state.

The truth came to light: not even a single name is mentioned in the recordings. The persons about whom former judges Yaneva and Chenalova talk have been all mounted additionally. In the original recording Yaneva says “Ten”. She confirmed that during an interrogation conducted by three prosecutors who grilled her for an hour and a half.

Based on the results of the examination, the prosecution has already closed the pre-trial proceedings, because “there is no way to determine who “Ten” is, announced the public prosecutor.

The expert, who committed this scientific feat, has lost the flash disk with the faked recordings in which the names of politicians and magistrates are mentioned. This happened while he was taking a leak in the bushes near the Institute of Acoustics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), because the restroom inside the facility has not been functional in years.

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