BSPLeaks: Sharenkova Imposed Parvanov instead of Fandakova as co-Chair of the Russian-Bulgarian Public Forum

Екип на Биволъ

Six pro-Russian organizations have nominated current Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova for co-Chair of the Russian-Bulgarian Public Forum to represent the Bulgarian side at a meeting of the Coordination Council of “Bulgaria – Russia,” held on January 28, 2013.

This became clear from correspondence leaked through # BSPLeaks – a letter to Fandakova, with a copy to Svetlana Sharenkova.


Only Svetlana Sharenkova has nominated Georgi Parvanov instead of Fandakova, while the last member of “Bulgaria – Russia” has abstained.

However, on February 1, 2013, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry has sent a note to the Russian embassy, which listed as co-chair former President Georgi Parvanov, known as “Gotse,” his alias as agent of the former Communist State Security (DS).


At that time, the Foreign Ministry was still run by Minister Nikolay Mladenov from the government of the centrist GERB party. It is unclear what led him to ignore Fandakova’s candidacy as the latter was elected Mayor on the ballot of the party of Boyko Borisov – GERB, and to propose a former State Security agent, which contradicts Mladenov’s overall policy.

The fact is that Svetlana Sharenkova enjoys Moscow’s “royal” favoritism. As early as November 15, 2012, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, published a decree with which he awarded Sharenkova with the Russian State Honor “Order of Friendship,” for “major contribution to the strengthening of friendship and cooperation with the Russian Federation.” The award, however, became known only in March 2013 when Sharenkova received the Order during a ceremony at the Russian Embassy in Sofia.

It is not clear what diplomatic and lobby levers and / or intrigue the associate of one of the former DS chiefs, Dimitar Ivanov AKA Mityo the Gestapo, has used to overrule the opinion of her colleagues from the Coordination Council “Bulgaria – Russia,” and the political logic of GERB and to mitigate public hostility towards DS of Minister Nikolay Mladenov.

In an email to Kiril Dobrev, analyzed by blogger Ivo Indzhev, Sharenkova admits that her effort to make Parvanov the face of the Bulgarian- Russian relations has shortened her life by a few years; something that Sergey Stanishev had not liked.

“Because of Parvanov /because I made him the face of Bulgarian-Russian relations for which my life will be by a few years shorter/ Stanishev is punishing me – forget about it – I am more than ever convinced in my rightness about Russia.”

Sharenkova’s email is part of an impressive volume of leaks of insider correspondence of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), known as BSPLeaks. The email was sent to BSP Member of the Parliament Kiril Dobrev late in the evening of April 1, 2013. Bivol publishes it as is, without editorial intervention.

About BSPLeaks

# BSPLeaks is a collection of business and personal communications of BSP activists, leaked on the site Balkanleaks and in other media. BSPLeaks revealed outrageous from moral view point documents such as the talking points and media plans of Monica Yosifova, lists of BSP internet trolls and talking points in defense of the appointment of Deliyan Peevski.

Separately, BSPLeaks contain specific data on crimes. Such are the “talking points” for defamation of the antigovernment protests, created by using insider information of the Interior Ministry. The abuse of personal data of hundreds of thousands of citizens for election phone canvassing, revealed by Offnews, is also a crime.

So far there is no evidence of a prosecution self-referral and of any probe or work to uncover the perpetrators of these offenses.

Sharenkova’s Mail:

About Life, Kolio and Those Who Love the Same Thing:

(For the foreign reader – there are currently two clans in BSP – the circle around two-term former President Georgi Parvanov and the current leader of BSP and of the Party of European Socialists (PES) Sergey Stanishev. The most recent bitter row between the two occurred when Parvanov attempted to regain the leadership of the Socialist party (he was its head before becoming President) after leaving the presidential office, but Stanishev prevailed. Kiril Dobrev, also called in the letter Kircho or Kiro, (diminutive) is a senior BSP functionary, son of a prominent figure among the Bulgarian Socialists – Nikolay Dobrev, member of the former Bulgarian Communist Party and later of its heir – BSP. Nikolay (whom Sharenkova also calls by the diminutive Kolio) Dobrev was Minister of the Interior in another Socialist Cabinet in 1996 – 1997. He died of cancer in 1999. Kiril Dobrev is believed to be close to Parvanov. Monica is Monica Yosifova, Stanishev’s current wife, seen as one of the top masterminds behind the BSP “talking points.” Dragomir Stoynev is currently Minister of Economy and Energy in the Socialist-endorsed government; Nikolay Haytov is a prominent Bulgarian writer– editor’s note.)

My brave girl is not joking:

When she loves, she does love; when she is jealous, she is really jealous.

I do not know how to be so definite.

My stern verdict is my brave girl.

(Excerpt from a poem of well-known and popular Bulgarian poet Nedyalko Yordanov – editor’s note)

This seems to be written for me, Nikolay and you. Or so it feels to me. And that I am a brave girl, I know it; first from daddy – this is how he used to call me, and then from Nikolay. I can scold you; be mad with you; not speak to you, but I love you and I will never betray you. You’re part of my life and of me, of my family. I am closer to you and Marianka than to my native sister. And there are lot of things I learn from you /from Georgi, for example, I have learned nothing/. All this, Sergey and Monica would hardly understand /unfortunately, Georgi, too, can hardly understand such a relationship; he is selfish, but with him, it’s my problem – I have an overwhelming sentiment for him and I only need to see him to forgive him anything – as it was with Kolio/. With Monica and Sergei S. – with them I can only bargain or trade; try to do politics, but never spill my soul; they cannot humiliate me because I have no respect for them and they are not worthy for me. It hurts much more when it came from you and your father /how many times he has made me cry/, and from Georgi; I feel much more humiliated because you are very, very important to me; I stand by you and I appreciate and love you. Why do you think I was so upset at the National Council last week – because no one mentioned your name; to me, personally, this was more insulting and humiliating than if Sergey was to say that you are a bum; that you suck or something. Kiril Dobrev, the son of Nikolay Dobrev, cannot be ignored in the BSP, simply like that, silently and nothing to come of out this. BSP, the party which he saved and for which he gave his life, cannot just play distracted. Kircho, I must die on April 16 this year, in half a month, to pass away at the age of 51 like he did? Can you imagine what that means?! Imagine how unfair it was that he left us alone on this earth; that he will never /swear at us; never cuss us/ tell me as you told me today in the office: “Well what is it again; what happened again? ? ? /he pretended to be thick-skinned, angry and cynical, but he always felt me like a radar/. Can you imagine how much longer could he have been with us; to give us advice and kicks, if this illness, called political cannibalism, did not eat him from inside? I was close to hysterics at the National Council and swallowed my tears as an unstable pansy because your name was not mentioned as if you were a leper; it was insane. Two-thirds of those sitting there owe their careers to Nikolay.

And I am mad at you because you got me into this non-sense four years ago; I will never forget how in front of the Moscow City Hall you suddenly told me – do you want me to make you MP – I’m in the height of my power and I can do whatever I want? Kiro, it will not work; hey you just say “yes” and it will. OK, try it, and then you let me go on the tangent to deal with Evgeni Uzunov. And you were not picking up your phone and you abandoned me. This is what insulted me and humiliated me. You could say – I was wrong; I cannot do it, but you did not find the courage to tell me. You betted on Stoynev /this was the name of the man from Haskovo, right!?/ I just did not have any intention at all to go back to this story; you came and asked me: can I nominate you from the civic quota and it ended there. Sergey had said that I am not fit for the civic quota, but Sergey speaks what suits him; he is not Christ or Buddha – one must argue with him and impose a position – something which I neither saw nor did it happen.

I can be anything, but not an intruder – I ‘m not Vako Kalinov; I’m not Stoinev or Vasil Norin; I am not. Because of Parvanov /because I made him the face of Bulgarian-Russian relations for which my life will be by a few years shorter/ Stanishev is punishing me – forget about it – I am more than ever convinced in my rightness about Russia. Those who signed the letter against Parvanov were rewarded – Malinov, Mincho Minchev, Vanya Dobreva … /and Malinov and Milen Chakarov call him boss!!!!! – sickness, stupidity, careerism and brown-nosing/.

With SS and Monica I talk as equals; with Parvanov I talk like he is senior than me and with respect. With EvUz I talk with ridicule.

Knee pads, blow jobs and plunges – I cannot do – I am genetically burdened – no one respects a person without a backbone, Haytov bequeathed me this. “To an amazing woman who I admit I love a lot! Because of the strength of her character and her, rare today, spiritual and external, fragile beauty. Such breeds are no longer born,” this is what Nikolai Haytov wrote to me a month before he passed away and left us. And he was a freak, with a difficult character and never blinked an eye when he needed to say the truth. With me you should talk honestly and without backstage thoughts because I will not remain silent or act hypocritically.

Everything would have concluded – with a push and scandals and your ballot would have been fixed. But what came from Stefcho put me out of equilibrium – and I am powerless to do anything and very confused.

Svetlana Sharenkova

Chairman of the Forum “Bulgaria – Russia”

tel +3592 943 46 64, fax: 3592 944 26 26

169 “Evlogi Georgiev” boulevard, 4th Floor

1504, Sofia, Bulgaria


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