BSPLeaks: Guerilla Aliases of the “Troll” Unit of the Socialist Party in Sofia

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The conclusion is that we should start tomorrow in two directions: 

“Guerilla Approach” – i.e. active civil participation in already functioning nonpartisan pages, groups, creation of causes on Facebook and sending them to friends. This is an effective way to promote attitudes and spread rumors.

Almost all municipalities have their own Facebook page, where conversations flow. It can be subject to “conquering” from the inside through dissemination of information, photos, posts, creating local causes.

In the first stage, there is no need to explicitly show clear party affiliation and pro- BSP position in order to not hamper the promotion of attitudes. In other words – degrade GERB and others, without saying how great we are.

Task: each municipality must “select the most active group and our people must publish aggressively in it.”

A list of “guerrilla” aliases of activists from the Sofia city organization of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, (BSP), which they use to post comments in media forums leaked in BSPLeaks. The list, containing 17 media, was created in early January 2013 on a computer of the Sofia Municipal Councilor from BSP Gergana Aleksova. This is revealed through metadata from the leaked Excel file named acaunti_medii (see annex).

The fact that nicknames are summarized in a list and by media shows that this is not amateur spontaneity of the youth organization of BSP, but rather a strictly organized operation with hierarchy and accountability. The commander of the “squad” is probably Nadya Mladenova (nickname sofia12) chair of the youth organization of BSP – Sofia, elected in July 2012. Other names from the squad are less known.

The concept of “guerilla approach” on Facebook and internet forums was revealed earlier in another document leaked to Balkanleaks. In it, the acts of the “red Matrosovs” (Alexander Matrosov was a famous Soviet infantry soldier during World War II, symbol of courage and self-sacrifice, according to Soviet propaganda, as in a battle he threw himself onto a German pill-box, blocking the machine-gun with his own chest, to allow his unit to advance – editor’s note) in the web are defined as follows:

“Guerilla Approach” – i.e. active civil participation in already functioning nonpartisan pages, groups, creation of causes on Facebook and sending them to friends. This is an effective way to promote attitudes and spread rumors. (The bolding and the capitalization come from the original).

The directive is to have units similar to guerrilla ones to get organized not only on national but also on local level to flood with comments and postings regional sites and Facebook groups of municipalities. The goal is “conquering from the inside through dissemination of information, pictures, posts, creating local causes.”

Paid Trolls

In internet slang such users are called “paid trolls.” Significant activation of the trolls is noticed during election campaigns. Troll units are not just a party field. These are formed and activated in times of crisis, around publications about prominent representatives of the oligarchy, as shown by an analysis of the site Offnews from March 2013 

From the undercover and exposed squad of the Sofia city branch of BSP, the highest number of registrations in media forums belongs to young red aficionado Petya Dimitrova Sherdenova (dimitrova77, dimitrova777, dimitrova05). Other forum fighters like Ivan Peshev (ivanpeshev86) are also registered with their family names, but, as a rule, most use conspiracy abbreviations and aliases: Tsvetomir Stefanov is Icelander; Pavel Stoev is Pvstv; Ivan Kirilov is Blago_k etc.

Yavor Nankov is doing exploits under the most numerous conspiracy names. He jumps on the embrasure of forums of Mediapool, Darik News, Dnevnik, Capital and Standard with the following aliases: shemet, pesho.i, doktora, evropeeca78 and dimkov. A person with the same name (Yavor Nankov) was found in the Facebook group of the Sofia city organization of BSP.

A brief review of the red trolls’ comments indicates that they speak in support of the party line on all current social issues: from the energy sector to personnel appointments and decisions of the “Oresharski” government to easing the smoking ban. Authors and individuals become targets of their fire and are attacked ad hominem with slanders and insults.

List in the attached file.


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