Nikola Molchan also appears with another identity - Nikola Vladimirov Molchanesky

Bulgarian-Czech Citizen and 3 Times Murder Suspect Is Mediator in CEZ-Inercom Deal

Czech citizen Nikola Molchan, suspected of murder in 2009, is negotiating on behalf of Ginka Verbakova and Inercom for the sale of the Bulgarian assets of the Czech State-owned electric power utility CEZ, the Bulgarian site ClubZ reports, citing two independent sources, one of which is from CEZ.

According to the publication, he had attended a meeting between the team of Inercom Bulgaria and the management of CEZ-Bulgaria, held on March 13 this year. ClubZ recalls the case of the murder of Czech citizen, Libor Mirovsky, who was a partner of Molchan in the company Bohemia City. Mirovsky’s corpse was discovered on October 29, 2008, between the villages of Bistritsa and Zheleznitsa near the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

Molchan had been detained and tortured by the Sofia police to make him confess to the crime, writes Capital daily. Nevertheless, he had been released by the Sofia Appellate Court, which had not found enough evidence that he had committed the murder.

At the time, the Czech police had been astonished that Molchan had been released in the presence of serious clues, while Czech media recalled that the same person had been investigated for other murders in 1998 and 2001.

In Bulgaria, Nikola Molchan has another identity with a Bulgarian social security number, Bivol established through research. He had been registered as Nikola Vladimirov Molchanesky, but subsequently appeared with the last name Molchan.

However, Molchan – Molchanesky is not using his Bulgarian ID documents when registering companies, but only for property deals, which also include his brother Vladimir Molchan – a Bulgarian-American citizen and his mother, Diana Molchanova.

Other documents reveal that Molcan – Molchanesky had been born in Rome, Italy. There is no available information on his father. The fact that he had been born in the middle of the Cold War in a country outside the Iron Curtain is an indication that his parents had likely belonged to the nomenclature elite.

Molchan and Molchan – the same person uses two identities of a Bulgarian and a Czech citizen in real estate deals


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