Citizen Penchev against Oligarch Kovachki

According to an EC Directive, Bulgaria’s Thermal Power Plant (TPP) "Bobov Dol" must now be closed
by Екип на Биволъ

On March 12, 2015, (Thursday) at 2:00 pm, citizen Petar Penchev from the Association of Free Speech Anna Politkovskaya will confronts “political” oligarch Hristo Kovachki in the Sofia City Administrative Court.

The case will decide if TPP “Bobov Dol” can remain in operation, after having been proven to be an environmental pollutant, according to the monthly reports of the Ministry of Environment and Waters for 2013 and 2014. In reality, TPP “Bobov Dol” must have been closed as well due to a European Directive. Instead, the TPP of oligarch Kovachki obtained a new license for another seven years from the country’s energy watchdog, the State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation.

Bivol reminds that Kovachki is described in US diplomatic cables as a prominent representative of the Bulgarian “energy mafia” (see here). The companies of the oligarch, who is the best man of one of the majority shareholders of First Investment Bank (FIB), have more than 300 million in debt to the bank, as one of our investigations showed.


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