Cops Caught Dealing Drugs for Notorious Ringleader in Bulgarian Beach Resort

The file is concealed by the prosecution. Resort security and criminal police act as a racket group.

Police officers begin their shift and take over the police cruiser from their colleagues. In the glove compartment they discover open bags with white powder that turns out to be a hard drug. The police officers submit a report about this to their precinct and it ends at the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in the Black Sea city of Burgas.

A few days later, a similar situation arises. This time the packs with the drug were found in the cruiser’s trunk. The police officers again properly reported their finding.

How to explain the presence of packages with ready for distribution illegal drug in a police cruiser? None of the teams that have used the vehicle has been involved in drug dealers’ arrests and confiscation of drugs. Such law enforcement activities are carried out in strict order and are accompanied with respective inventories. The only logical and possible hypothesis is that the drug belongs to a “colleague”. However, the quantities are such that there is no way this was for personal use.  The conclusion is that these “colleagues” are also drug dealers.

These events happened at the end of the last tourist season in Bulgaria’s largest summer resort Sunny Beach. Despite the police officers’ reports and the prosecution files, to date there is no action undertaken against these cops over drug possession. And this is definite proof that there is a cover-up for the distribution of drugs in Sunny Beach – the “kingdom of vice” – despite what else the Interior Minister says.

In this “kingdom”, the infamous drug trafficker Dimitar “Mityo The Eyes” Zhelyazkov was appointed “king”. His will is imposed by brawny thugs and the recruited policemen pretend to not notice the outrage while making some money on the side as his dealers.

This is the same Dimitar Zhelyazkov who was shot and seriously wounded on Wednesday night, June 8, at the Sunny Beach restaurant “4 You”. As he and his men entered the establishment, they were greeted by heavy gunfire in an incident labeled by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov a “neighborhood brawl.” Zhelyazkov remains in critical condition in the Burgas hospital.

This startling insider information about the drug dealing cops was obtained by Bivol back in March, but the recent events require its immediate disclosure, before we get copies from the reports and the prosecution’s files. They certainly exist and cannot remain concealed for long. However, not all police officers are corrupt and some are willing to talk.

The decay starts from higher-up. The chiefs of sectors “Security” and “Criminal” police in the resort are certainly aware of it. It suffices to compare the prices if their automobiles for personal use with their wages as civil servants. Who bought these cars for them and/or let them use them? Why local police do not stop them for checks even if there is evidence of DUI?

In addition to the drug trafficking cover-up, a coherent system for police racket of pimps, prostitutes and retailers who sell goods with fake designer labels operates in the resorts, our sources say. The pimps and the retailers always have a “briefing” with officers from the Unit for Combatting Organized Crime in April, before the start of the summer season. They are told that those who pay in advance will remain of the hook for the summer, while the rest are constantly harassed. The “peace fee” is 10,000 levs for a store for the season. The fee for the pimps is not fixed, but it is calculated according to the number of working girls.

Police also report a fake fight with drug dealing. All summer long “dummy” police officers, sent in the resort on the orders of the Chief Secretary of the Interior Ministry, Georgi Kostov, have the task to catch the small fish with one or two marijuana cigarettes. They are being registered as drug addicts and listed in the prosecution’s files. Most of these proceedings are terminated, but the drug addict registration is not deleted from police records. At the same time, the real dealers, like Zhelyazkov, remain untouchable. They are never bothered and never, under any circumstances, are they being searched, while the most corrupt policemen also play the role of their distributors.

Our resort police also “care” for the flawless image of Bulgaria before the outside world. The most common practice is to send away foreign tourists who come to the police station to complain of theft or robbery on grounds they were drunk or there is no interpreter. There are even complaints from foreign embassies that the police are not doing their job. But how can they get it done when Zhelyazkov has his own plan for hard drug distribution?

Kostov often stays in a hotel in the Black Sea town of Nessebar, which is owned by a former colleague. How come all these outrages are happening under the nose of the professional leadership of the Interior Ministry or is the cover-up coming from even a higher place?


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