Dunes Gate 2.0: Dunes in Kiten Illegally Buried under Dirt. Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters Launched Probe

No dunes – no problem!

The company “Flagman Hotel” of Ivan Todorov, who is the representative and importer of Skoda in the country, has arbitrarily and illegally dealt with the dunes at the campsite “Kiten” (South Beach) by covering them with dirt and leveling them.

This has been established through a check of the Primorsko municipality at the site, after the publication of Bivol on the signal of our reader Nikolay Noev, who sent photos of the excavation and the leveling of the dunes.

The leveling has been done with the dirt from the nearby slope without any permits from the municipality. This is illegal construction for which a citation has been issued.

A Commission from the Burgas Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters (RIEW) traveled to the site on April 17 to determine whether the terrain, buried under dirt, consists of dunes and whether they have been damaged by the illegal construction. However, the map of the campsite “Kiten” is from 2001 and has not been updated, as was the map of campsite “Yug” (South).

Nevertheless, the old map, clearly shows that the border of the dunes begins from the beach and continues close to the old road leading to the Southern coast.

In this situation, if yet another manipulation does not occur, RIEWs should impose sanctions on the destroyer of the dunes and force him to clean them of the loose earth.

Дюните на к-г Китен според картата от 2001 г.

Дюните на к-г Китен според картата от 2001 г.

kumping-kiten-1 The Detailed Territorial Development Plan for construction on the site has been challenged by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and is in the Supreme Administrative Court

“IF Favorite” is the company that contributed in kind the property in the company “Flagman Hotel”. The other partner – Auto Bohemia – had to contribute 25% of the capital in cash. This happened in 2011 by Decision № 36 / March, 31, 2011 of the City Council – Primorsko. The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, then headed by current Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev, has appealed the Detailed Territorial Development Plan in the Administrative Court in Burgas (proceedings under administrative case № 832/2013). Last summer, the Burgas Court issued a judgment against the Detailed Territorial Development Plan. The company logged an appeal in the Supreme Administrative Court, where the case is currently pending.


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