How “Mister Lie” Invested in Irena Krasteva’s Media Empire


I never and in no shape and form have invested in New Bulgarian Media Group’s (NBMG) newspapers,” these are the words of banker Tsvetan Vasilev, Banker of the Year, Mister “Economy”, Honoris Causa etc., the recognitions list is long, in an interview for Deutsche Welle.


In your interview for “Leaders” magazine you have said that you invest in media. Do you still do it ?

This interview is from 2011, as far as I remember. At that time the only media that I had something in common with, as a consultant and as a minority partner in a fund for risk investments, was TV7. My minority investment in TV7 had no other purpose than business. I am an investor in a business project. I never and in no shape and form have invested in NBMG‘s newspapers… Translation from 

We have to add “Mister Lie” to these recognitions.

This conclusion was reached after our detailed journalistic investigation in the deal for the purchase of the newspapers Monitor, Telegraph and Politika (Politics), made by the former boss of the State Lottery, Irena Krasteva, mother of the “successful young man”, Delyan Peevski.

The reason for the investigation was a document, obtained under the Access to Public Information Act from the Parliament, in which the prosecution describes the origin of the money for this deal, conducted in July 2007, as follows:

“… the funds were secured by a loan from Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB). The loan from Corporate Commercial Bank was paid off in November after “New Bulgarian Media Group Holding” sold shares owned by its subsidiaries” Monitor “Ltd. and “Press Market “Ltd in the capital of “United Bulgarian Newspapers.”

After patiently “digging” in the Trade Registry, we managed to yank all documents that recreate, step by step, what exactly happened between the receipt of credit by Irena Krasteva on July 12, 2007, and the payoff in November. This is not a common investigation due to the complexity and the volume of the documentation, thus we decided to present it in the form of video material.

We publish it on April 1, the most appropriate day for exposing “Mister Lie.”

The documents quoted can be downloaded here.


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