Judge: Staliyski Is Very Close to Prime Minister; Lawyer: He Settled His Relations with Collapsed Bank

#YanevaGate, Season 3, Episode 14: New witnesses emerge
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The Prime Minister’s friend Alexander (Sasho) Staliyski has settled “his relationship” with the collapsed Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB) and has cleaned his accounts by taking the glass factory “Rubin”. Former judge Vladimira Yaneva shares with lawyer Momchil Mondeshki and her former colleague Rumyana Chenalova that she has spoken with Staliyski to intervene in her favor by talking with Boyko (Prime Minister Boyko Borisov – editor’s note). Staliyski, however, has refused direct intervention and has told Yaneva that “he wants to see you in person”.  Yaneva is not enthusiastic about such perspective with the unambiguous argument that such a meeting could go only in one direction. As she, herself, boast in another episode: “I know Boyko personally and I know him very well” and grounds her refusal to meet him on past experiences. “I know from the past. I know how things are and I do not want to go.  If I wanted to sleep with Boyko, I would have slept with him five years ago. To do it reluctantly five years later, just when I do not want to, makes no sense. Now, why should I get into a situation where I would wonder how to come out of as I will be stuck and things can get even worse. It makes no sense to get into such a situation. What do you think my conversation with him will be? That he will ask me if I have legally allowed these Special Surveillance Devices?

Everything is part of one same conversation that continues with the already known details of the love affairs of the Prime Minister and how he takes care of the women for whom he had special feelings, unlike others who were just sexual trophies.

Staliyski’s relationship with CCB in monetary terms amounts to about 20 million levs that he did not manage to withdraw before the closure of the bank on June 20, 2014. His girlfriend Violeta Sechkova was able to transfer on 19 June 3.5 million levs, but some other 10 million remained blocked. The factory “Rubin” is obviously a compensation for the Prime Minister’s friend.

The assets of “Rubin“, as part of the assets of CCB, should have been redeemed to the Deposit Guarantee Fund which was financed by Bulgarian taxpayers. Instead, they ended under the control of a person close to the leader of the country.

Only a month after the recorded conversation, on March 11, 2015, Boyko Borisov said decisively that “the assets of the bank are being plundered” and trustees should be appointed. It turns out that the Prime Minister has, instead, allowed his close friend Staliyski to take advantage. This becomes explicitly clear from the conversation. The role of the trustees in such backstage deals will emerge from other episodes in the saga.

There are witnesses and verifiable events behind the Yaneva Gate recordings

Just days ago, the majority in the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) refused once again to deal with the recordings “Yaneva Gate” by voting against the proposal of the President of the Supreme Court of Cassations, Lozan Panov, to renew the probe. During the meeting, one of the SJC members, Galya Georgieva, reiterated the completely ungrounded, false and absurd talking points, first formulated by Boyko Borisov that the recordings were made by Yaneva, Chenalova and Mondeshki in a studio. She also jumped in defense of the Prosecutor General:

Your goal is not to clear our names, but just throw mud on everyone…, she said.

This the same Galya Georgieva who should not be touched, according to Yaneva, as the two have reached an agreement, therefore she, as everyone else mentioned in the recordings, has strong interest to have the probe squished.


The current longer segment of the conversation of the trio provides to the minute timing – 3:30 pm on February 19, 2015, when the Supreme Judicial Council was holding a meeting to decide on the proposal of the Prosecutor General for the removal of Vladimira Yaneva from the office of President of the Sofia City Court (SCC). A new potential witness emerges as well – “Iliykata” with whom Yaneva is talking on the phone. This is probably Iliyan Alexandrov who was Yaneva’s driver. Iliykata asks Yaneva “thousands of questions” as he is “very worried”.

At the end of the segment, Mondeshki shares his suspicions that Galya Georgieva is following the instructions of the Prosecutor General and “everything will focus on people connected with you”. At that time Georgieva was leading a probe into possible breaches in the SCC. Her current speech in defense of Tsatsarov confirms their closeness.



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