New Revelations about the “Hazan” Affair Led to Threats against Bivol’s Team

The casino belonged to Hazan’s father and uncle. Jacob Djerassi’s company managed it. The Gambling Commission revoked Djerassi’s license over unpaid taxes.

On Friday evening, the Israeli public television Channel 2 aired a report citing Bivol in connection with the affair with Oren Hazan, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, removed in the aftermath of scandalous revelations about his past in Bulgaria.

Bivol investigated the ownership of hotel “Polyusi” and “Casino Gold” in the Sunny Beach resort, where, according to Channel 2, Hazan was manager until 2013. It turned out that the hotel belongs to a representative of the notorious in the past criminal group VIS 2. Bivol also found a company of Oren Hazan registered at the same address as the gambling businesses that managed the casino. On Friday, the State Commission on Gambling (SCG) gave detailed explanations after we requested information about the licenses of these companies. They showed that

SCG has withdrawn the license of a firm of Jacob Djerassi that was running the casino.

Back in 2012, SCG has granted a permit to “SUNNY BEACH ENTERTAINMENT” to organize gambling in a casino – Casino “Gold” for a period of 5 years in a facility with the following address: “Sunny Beach East” resort, municipality of Nessebar, complex “Polyusi” (Decision № I-2107 / February 9, 2012).

SUNNY BEACH ENTERTAINMENT is managed and represented by the Bulgarian-Israeli businessman Jacob Djerassi, a lobbyist for the return of King Simeon Saxe-Coburg to Bulgaria, and also one of the rare supporters of controversial lawmaker and alleged media mogul Delyan Peevski.

In 2014, SCG was approached by the National Revenue Agency (NRA) as the company had obligations to the budget. As a result, SCG has imposed a forcible administrative measure – suspension of the license for six months (Decision № 711 / June 27, 2014, SCG).

Accidentally or not, in the fall of 2014, Jacob Djerassi was attacked and stabbed in Bulgaria’s second largest city of Plovdiv, which was reported only by Bivol with a publication of our late associate Mladen Dotchev. This was one of the last posts of Dotchev before being found dead in his home.

As the company “SUNNY BEACH ENTERTAINMENT” failed to eliminate the circumstance that became grounds for the suspension of its license, SCG imposed a second forcible administrative measure – revocation of the license, issued on February 10, 2015 (Decision № 195 / February 10, 2015).

The allegations that Oren Hazan managed the casino pertain namely to 2012-2013 and in the report, aired by Israeli Channel 2, witnesses said he was using heavy drugs and dealing with pimping for customers. Hazan vehemently rejected these accusations and threatened to sue the journalists and the television. He denied running the casino and knowing its managers. This is very strange, since the documents in the Property Register clearly show that during this period

The casino was owned by his father Yehiel Hazan and his uncle Joseph Hazan

As early as 2008, the “POLYUSI” JSC of Valeri Krastev, the man of the VIS 2 alleged mafia group in the resort, sold the first floor of hotel “Polyusi” to MIRANDA INVESTMENT in which Bertie Sinbeti and Joseph Hazan were partners. The deal for the property with cadastral number 51500.505.383.1.43 and an area of 448 square meters had a declared value of 325,000 levs.

On May 30, 2013 MIRANDA sold the property to ATID which belongs to Joseph Hazan and Yehiel Hazan – uncle and father of Oren Hazan, for 624,942.9 levs. Hazan’s father is also a politician and a former member of the Knesset, convicted in the past for double voting.

In turn, on September 24, 2013, ATID sold the property to M.H.SH. (М.Х.Ш.), owned by Edna Hazan. Her relationship to the others is not known, but the company M.H. SH. was registered a few days prior to the purchase of 637,696.9 levs.



Edna Hazan did not keep the property with the casino for long and got rid of it only two months later, on November 11, 2013, moreover selling it at a loss for 603,863.8 levs to C MEDIA GROUP. This company is registered at the same address as the firm of Jacob Djerassi and has the same owner – KAMCHIYA BEACH RESORT. The representation firm of Oren Hazan is also registered at 22 “Zlaten Rog” (Golden Horn), floor 10, suite 26, along with the INMOBLES company that currently operates at the same place a gambling facility with a valid license from SGC.

New Revelations about the “Hazan” Affair Led to Threats against Bivol’s TeamNew Revelations about the “Hazan” Affair Led to Threats against Bivol’s TeamNew Revelations about the “Hazan” Affair Led to Threats against Bivol’s TeamNew Revelations about the “Hazan” Affair Led to Threats against Bivol’s Team

All these connections provide sufficient reason to believe that the Hazan family has a very direct and personal connection with the Sunny Beach hotel and casino that are mentioned in detail in investigations of Israeli media.

Once the license of Djerassi’s casino was finally suspended, on April 30, 2015, C MEDIA GROUP sold the property to the company SAGITTARIUS Ltd for 586,749 levs. Its owner is Yulian Organdzhiev, who was formerly on the Board of the Modeling Agency “Visage”of Zheni Kalkandzhieva, associated with the SIC crime group and on the Board of “Borosport-98”, together with Slavyan Teofilov and other representatives of the same crime group. Kalkandzieva was included in the diplomatic cable on Bulgarian organized crime, written by former US Ambassador in Sofia, James Pardew, because of her close ties with crime boss Krasimir Marinov AKA The Margin. In fact, the ownership of the casino started with VIS-2, passed through the relatives of Oren Hazan, then to companies related to Jacob Djerassi, and finally ended in the company of one of the SIC men.

All of the above clearly shows that Oren Hazan has concealed the facts that reveal his links and the links of his relatives with the Bulgarian gambling establishment.

Threats against the site

Several hours after the Israeli TV Channel 2 broadcast on Friday that cited the investigation of Bivol, we received a warning from well-wishers through an intermediary that there is information about a planned attack against the website’s team. The source of the warning is outside Bulgaria. The data are straightforward and point precisely towards those directly affected by our investigations in connection with the huge social and political scandal in Israel involving the former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset (Parliament). The information is sufficiently credible and disturbing to prompt us to decide to make it public, which we normally do not do with trivial anonymous threats. Bivol has informed (still unofficially) the responsible institutions in the country about the warning and the threat against the life and safety of its owners and employees.


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