Lawyer reveals to the “two women”:

Prime Minister Has Sex with Visitors, Films Video Clips, Security Guards Place Bets

#YanevaGate, Season 3, Episode 13, where we learn why meeting Borisov in person was making the former judge nervous
Екип на Биволъ

Shocking allegations about Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov are emerging from the new recordings from #Yaneva Gate and they are a follow-up from the first season of the saga. (See link.) In one of the conversations from the first season, former judge Rumyana Chenalova and lawyer Mondeshki attempt to convince former judge Vladimira Yaneva to meet Boyko Borisov in person to solve her problems. However, she refuses because she was afraid of getting into a situation with a very intimate and delicate context and worries that this would not be a regular business meeting, as befits two people with significant real power, on a topic concerning an important national issue.

Vladimira Yaneva:

 If I wanted to sleep with Boyko, I would have slept with him five years ago.

To do it reluctantly five years later, just when I do not want to, makes no sense.

Now, why should I get into a situation where I would wonder how to come out of as I will be stuck and things can get even worse.

It makes no sense to get into such a situation.

What do you think my conversation with him will be?

That he will ask me if I have legally allowed these SSDs (Special Surveillance Devices – editor’s note)?

(Already published)

Bellow is the new segment of the conversation:

“Well, could it be this low,” Chenalova voices her indignation.

Lawyer Mondeshki immediately jumps on the subject and reveals to the ladies details of infamous habits of Borisov to which he subjects his visitors and to which the lawyer is privy:

Mondeshki: This is him and what he does and then he tells it all to everybody…

Yaneva: Please…

Mondeshki: With whom, with what woman, films video clips, there are two cameras there, then they watch them with the security guards, they are having much fun…

Chenalova: Well…

Modneshki: They bet whether it will happen from the first or the second time. It is crazy up there!

Yaneva: But of course.

Mondeshki: It is all very sleazy. They gather to play cards each evening, eat sunflower seeds and discuss the videos.

Chenalova: This is so ugly.

Mondeshki: Hahahhahaa (laughs), well, thankfully that (inaudible). Well sorry, this is not…

Listen to the recording here (in Bulgarian):


From this moment on, Yaneva provides the already known from previous seasons examples of positive attitude and special feelings of the Prime Minister for some women, instead of “just for the one bang” with others, like the lucky one for whom he bought a house in Barcelona for half million euro or the wife of one his friends from the circle “Tomcats”, who had walked around dressed in the expensive Italian brand “Scervino” and was appointed assistant to the protocol of the Prime Minister, while “half of Sofia knew about Maya”… (See link.)

Yaneva, herself, however, is not at all confident that she will fall into this privileged contingent and is nervous that she could end up in an awkward situation where she might be “stuck” and things could get even worse. It is likely that she has in mind sexual activities that would be recorded on video, discussed by the security guards and by a wide range of associates of the Prime Minister – in other words, things that can be used to blackmail and discredit her in the future. The claim that the infamous videos are watched by an indefinite number of different persons who “are having fun” with them and bet on them is especially humiliating for the “victims” of such sexual abuse.

Earlier published recordings have revealed that Mondeshki knows the close to Borisov Petar (Pepi) Lashov, who has offered to take the lawyer to the Prime Minister’ home to play cards. It is possible that the sources of the sleazy information that Mondeshki confidently tells and which Yaneva categorically confirms are precisely Lashov or Alexander (Sasho) Staliyski, who is also mentioned in the recordings as especially close to Borisov.

One cannot find out from the recording whether the events retold by Mondeshki take place in the Prime Minister’s office or elsewhere. What is clear is that the narrative highlights some of Borisov’s habits in conducting meetings. The presence of cameras and videos, as well as any witnesses of such video documentation can be subjected to a probe and verification.

According to the public confessions of lawyer Mondeshki, published in Trud daily, the lawyer, himself, quite deliberately and purposely has spoken and recorded all the scandalous and sleazy things from #Yaneva Gate in a conspiracy plot with senior judges to discredit and possibly blackmail people in the highest positions of power, which, in itself, is also a serious offense.

The reaction of the Prime Minister to the scandalous allegations by Momchil Mondeshki remains to be seen.

Bivol is of the opinion that this episode from the saga with the recordings largely explains the wrong panic reaction that has led to the interview with Trud, in which Mondeshka is adding gasoline to the fire.



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