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Bivol offers various subscription plans for access to its archives. After a successful payment for a subscription plan, the archive files become available to the subscribers in a special section of the site with instructions for access sent by e-mail. The archives are periodically updated and the access to them is possible until the expiration date of the subscription.

We also offer recurring monthly subscriptions and prepaid one-time access. The recurring subscriptions are valid until the end of each paid period of 30 days and may be terminated at any time.

How to subscribe?

Visit the subscription page at

The system allows readers to make recurring monthly subscriptions with credit or debit card with the logo of Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card and Maestro or through the PayPal system. Prepaid one-time access is possible through the system as well.

Readers, wishing to subscribe, should select a subscription plan, a payment method and then fill their card information or be redirected to PayPal or to finalize the payment procedure.

How to use the archives?

After a successful subscription, the system will automatically record the subscriber with their specified email address in the section

The subscriber will then receive an email with instructions how to enter their password in the archive section. After a successful login, they will get access to the archive files.

Bivol archives are created with the system Cryptarsi. To use them, do the following:

• Download files with your computer archive from the archive page;

• Install the Chrome Browser if you do not have it;

• In Chrome, open the Cryptarsi page;

• From the menu, select the icon for importing a file;

• Import an archive file to the system;

• From the menu, select the imported archive and enter the password received via email;

• You can browse the files in the archive from the list or search them by keyword.

In case you have problems with your subscription or difficulties with using the archives, please contact [email protected]

Personal and financial data

Bivol does not store its users’ financial information and credit card numbers are not recorded and stored. The site only stores the provided name, email address and the transaction number for each successful subscription. The subscriber page shows a list where each subscriber can check by the transaction number whether their payment was recorded on the date it was made. At the time of making the payment, the subscriber may indicate whether they want their name to be shown on the list. Otherwise, the name is not displayed by default.

Subscribers who have chosen a subscription plan with a bonus – a T-shirt or a hat can obtain them by sending a shipping address to [email protected] with the number of their transaction. The delivery of the bonus items is done by a courier at the expense of Bivol.

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