New Pirin Management Plan only with an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Why We Oppose Handing Pirin Park to Mafia Mob

EC conducts its own legal investigation
Asen Yordanov

The Bulgarian “For the Nature” Coalition announced that the European Commission had stressed in a letter to one of its members, the Association of Parks in Bulgaria that Bulgaria, as being part of the EU, must ensure that any plan or activity that may affect a Natura 2000 area, such as the Pirin National Park, is subject to an environmental impact assessment.

The Coalition recalls that three Bulgarian ministers – Neno Dimov, Valeri Simeonov and Krassimir Karakachanov – are pressuring the government to adopt on December 28 amendments to Pirin’s management plan, while strongly rejecting the requirement to make the necessary environmental assessment. Such action would be a deliberate breach of European legislation and will lead to a procedure against Bulgaria for violation of EU law.

In its letter, the European Commission clearly explains that if any changes to the Pirin Management Plan are adopted, Bulgaria would be subject to a breach of the Habitats Directive on the environmental impact assessments of certain plans and programs. According to it, Member States must ensure that any plan or project likely to affect a site must be subject to appropriate assessment in relation to its impact on the conservation targets in accordance with the provisions of European legislation and this also applies to any future modification of plans to extend tourism activities.

The EC reminds that in the event of a breach of the Directives, the institution would not hesitate to initiate an infringement procedure. The Directorate-General for the Environment of the European Commission further informs:

For example, regarding the designation of BG0000209 “Pirin” as a Special Areas of Conservation, I should inform you that the European Commission, on its own initiative, has launched a horizontal investigation against all Member States that have not fulfilled their obligation under Art. 4 (4) of the Habitats Directive and will continue to take appropriate action in case of continued non-compliance.

It seems that Minister Neno Dimov ​​has forgotten the existence of these European directives or is intentionally preparing their violation with which he will deliberately inflict huge damage upon State and public interests in favor of the mafia.

If any such statement seems excessive, we want to justify it with an

Opinion of Bivol’s team on the crime plotted by the Bulgarian government:

Dear Minister,

Please take into consideration the following facts and our opinion regarding the concessionaire of the Bansko ski zone “Yulen” in connection with the project for changes in the Management Plan of National Park Pirin.

According to official documents in the Cyprus’ Commercial Register, Georgios Georgiou, a Cypriot national, is the owner of the offshore companies Marengo Trading and T.A.K. Services, which hold 87% of the shares of concessionaire “Yulen”. He controls Marengo and T.A.K through three other offshore companies: Din Nominees, Duc Nominees and Len Secretarial.

The managers of T.A.K. Services – Bogdan Radu Iugulescu, Nicoleta Elena Iugulesku and Evdokia Maklamuzi, are linked to a company controlled by “Тhe Killers” gang, whose members are accused of contract murders, racketeering and theft of EUR 26 million from EU-financed food deliveries for the poor in Romania. More detailed information and documents related to this link can be found in the following article: Concessionaire “Yulen” Is Connected with Organized Crime Group “The Killers” and with Thieves of EU Funds.

Journalists from Bivol met with Mr. Georgios in Cyprus. From the conversation with him, it became clear that he did not have the means to be an investor and is a rather destitute person. Mr. Georgios could not understand the questions we asked him about his extensive property and investment activity in Bulgaria, of which “Yulen”, the concessionaire of the Bansko ski zone, is also part.

We recall that the Ministry of Environment and Waters (MOEWs) sent an official invitation to Mr. Georgiou’s home and business address to participate in the public discussion on the fate of the Bansko ski resort in May 2016. However, he failed to appear.


* Does the MOEWs know WHO is the real owner of “Yulen”? If this is indeed Mr. Georgios Georgiou, why does he not care about the fate of his property and ignores the MOEWs’ invitation? If the owners are other people, who are they and why are they hiding behind a destitute Cypriot citizen? Are their financial sources legal?

* What is the MOEWs’ comment on the information that one of the companies behind “Yulen” is linked to serious criminal acts and massive abuse of European funds?


Considering these facts, we express our opinion that “Yulen’s” concession contract should be terminated and that the Prosecutor’s Office should be asked to clarify the actual property of the company and probe information on relations with criminal organizations.


The criminal scheme YULEN

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