A Journalist in the Reversed World of ‘Vampire’ Communism

On September 1, 2015, Khadija Ismailova was sentenced by the regime in Baku to seven and a half years in prison for investigating the corrupt government of dictator Aliyev

The world of vampire communism is like fantasy horror for the people who live in normal societies. This is a world in which a handful of villains have enslaved the whole society and have built a state that only serves their criminal acts. Natural, economic and financial resources of nations are seized by communist vampire freaks, while media and institutions operate flawlessly in promoting and protecting their undisputed, eternal and absolute power. Since communist vampires can only suck, steal, consume, but cannot build, create and develop, they constantly and permanently destroy these resources for the benefit of their own perverted idea of ​​well-being and personal gain. These criminals have permanently harnessed their people-subjects to pay for the honor to be crushed and exploited by thieves, murderers and crooks. The world of vampire communism is something between wild feudalism and slavery in the conditions of the technology revolution of the future. Therefore, this world agonizes and is marked by ominous landscape of death and destruction. Depopulated ghost villages and towns – destroyed by gangster-style chic projects; destroyed natural resources; destroyed social system without quality education and healthcare; qualified and educated young people fleeing the horror of hopelessness. They will find realization even in the most adverse conditions abroad. But the stricken from the disease of mutated communist homeland will not. The value system of its world is radically different from the paradigm that guides progressive societies. This system is like a reversed mirror of genuine human virtues promoted and respected in societies pushing our civilization forward. For example, if one imagines the Ten Commandments as a clear milestone for personal and public moral corrective, just reverse any of these models with its opposite and one will get the code of the existence of vampire-communists. This is a code that they are trying at all costs to impose as ideology on all their millions of humble victims.

A distinctive feature of the vampire-communists is that on the outside they are trying to look like normal human beings, but this is only for the outside world and only to deceive the naive rulers of uninfected countries. Otherwise, however, they cherish and guard as sanctum the monuments and images of their idols-ancestors. They worship them, honor them, serve them, and they are the only inviolable relic. They are even now waiting and have been waiting for 90 years for the mummy of the Father to turn into a vampire and officiate daily to prevent its complete decomposition, but it is playing them and it is staying under the lid, faintly smiling under his mustache. Unlike traditional communists, the vampire-communists conceal their sinister nature of complete parasites and bloodsuckers that can only devour and turn everything devoured into stinking shit – figuratively, but also literally. The vampire-communists have begun to infect the healthy communities and parts of the world by spreading the virus of corruption which is their main weapon in conquering the entire world. After being defeated and losing the global war for supremacy, their main leaders were ousted and their system collapsed, and the communists and their shamans from the security services decided to change tactics. They found a way to turn into vampires in a counterproductive for them socio-political environment and to transform. Always having a distinct affinity to appropriate the ownership and the benefits of the labor of other people, the vampire-communists and their shamans came to the conclusion that they can simply transform their boundless political power into full possession and seizure of all social wealth. And that in turn would provide the political power prim, according to the laws of materialism of their progenitor – the bearded devil Marx.

One can notice certain reconciliation with the epidemic of vampire communism and its serious corruption virus seems to have already struck the highest echelons of power in democratic societies. The leaders of until recently authentic democracies in Europe and America are openly and demonstratively not afraid to embrace, to cradle and kiss vampires.


Pictures of such political porn orgies are flooding all media, especially those in the vampire countries to demonstrate how much the neocommunism zombies are loved, well -accepted, desirable and chosen by God. This achieves a triple effect – normal societies are misled to believe that the corpses of the East are living people like them. The crowd in the affected countries is frustrated that there is no light at the end of the tunnel and no hope for help when even the ostensibly normal leaders French kiss infected vampires and perhaps through this exchange of fluids they themselves have become vampire-communists in the form of people. The third effect is that with the above, the vampires secure their lasting and healthy global alibi of tolerance to their deadly virus of corruption. Well – some like it hot! Before the communists were kissing passionately only one another, and now this mentality is widespread and totally accepted by all who have ever touched a vampire-communist. Apparently infection acts inconspicuously, but flawlessly. And when people in normal and democratic, progressive countries realize that vampire communism does not affect only the eastern parts of the continent, it will already be too late. We, the people from the East, living in countries destroyed by communism and vampirism, know this and we can even predict it, like sinister fortunetellers. This is why the Chief Demon of the Evil Empire is so calm and confident in the success of his newly-launched and provoked by him “hybrid war”. It is hybrid because it is waged both with weapons and with infection of the soul and the consciousness. It is proven that there is no effective vaccine against the virus of corruption even in the healthies countries, especially when it is flawlessly spread by the vampire-communist league.

What can one uninfected, healthy and thinking person do in a vampire society? Especially when he is a journalist!? The only thing that remains as an opportunity is the sacrifice for the cause of revealing the truth; to open people’s eyes; to enable them to know and be aware #WHO and how determines their lives and destinies. # WHO decides whether and how they will live; how close they actually are to be like animals in a farm, raised solely for slaughter and milking, i.e. to satisfy the insatiable greed of their owners.  Because of this, a normal person professing the bright side of human values, and not the reversed-mirror formula of the vampire mentality, has no great illusions about what awaits them, especially when he is a journalist, who is leading a direct battle with the epicenter of the sinister gang and is aiming at its most fetid and disgusting core. He is alone and realizes his doom. He knows perfectly well that he will not be forgiven for exposing the hidden sinister nature of the corpses that have occupied dictatorially the power structures in neo-communist countries. He will not be spared by them and by their servants and barking dogs, their loyal zombie police, judges, prosecutors and vampire-journalists.

The person writing these thoughts is “lucky” enough to live and to have spent his entire life in various stages of development of this most devastating, anti-human and persevering human “devolution” disease. And during much of these interesting times as journalist. But in this case, we are talking about a woman, a woman, who managed to remain a human being; a human who has dedicated her life to the sacred mission of exposing and revealing the hidden, dark and criminal nature of political vampires-dictators; a journalist who is sacrificing herself for her loved ones, for her compatriots and all the normal people in this world. This journalist professes the value ​​of exhilaration of human nature, respect for human life and the human right to be free, knowledgeable and thinking; to have freedom of speech, because even Apostle John has left us the great metaphor that “In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God and the Word was God”. In one word, to be a free journalist in the reversed world of vampires is to be something like a messenger of God, his direct manifestation, his speech and his will to all miserable, desperate and despondent creatures born and remaining in the grip of vampire power and dishonor. Well, we know from history that no single prophet has been left unpunished and his followers unharmed by the blustery vampire vengeance; by the malice of the  greedy predator pouncing and biting to death when someone wants to prevent him from chocking the entire herd to saturate not as much their hunger, but the urge to destroy and kill.

This journalist, who is suffering today because of her mission to carry light and expose evil and corruption, is living in post-communist and post-Soviet Azerbaijan. This woman-hero is named Khadija Ismailova, a reporter of Radio Free Europe there, author of dozens of investigations in the highest-level oligarchic corruption in the post-communist model of social and political system. Let us make a brief reference – like Bulgaria, Azerbaijan was one of the republics of the Empire of the Evil, a candidate member and faithful satellite. After the end of the Soviet era, the republic gained “independence”, but it was led by the loyal communist cadre of KGB and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) Heydar Aliyev, successfully transformed into a vampire after being “democratically” elected President of the Republic of Azerbaijan – nothing shocking here and quite trivial for the Bulgarian audience, a cliché version of our own historical background. However, for the unprejudiced western reader, unaware of the real dimensions of the current “democratic” political plutocracy in post-communist countries, such as Azerbaijan and Bulgaria, we will add here a brief summary of the glorious biography of Aliyev from the internet.

Heydar Aliyev

Haydar Aliev or Geidar Aliev joined the Azerbaijan SSR People’s Commissariat for State Security (NKGB) in 1944. In 1954, as part of a government reform, NKGB became known as Committee for State Security, or the KGB. Aliyev rose quickly within the agency to the rank of Major-General; became a Deputy Chairman of Azerbaijani KGB in 1964, and its Chairman in 1967.

In 1969, Aliyev was appointed by Leonid Brezhnev to the post of First Secretary of the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party. In the early 1980s, Aliyev barred the offspring of certain legal personnel from attending the Republic’s law school, in a purported effort to curb a self-perpetuating elite based on corruption. In 1977, even in Brezhnev’s time, he visited Iran: Mashhad twice and Kerbala once.

During the period of his leadership of Soviet Azerbaijan, Aliyev became perhaps the most successful republican leader, raising the profile of the underprivileged republic and consistently promoting Azerbaijanis to senior posts. This came at the cost of flattering Brezhnev with lavish gifts and receptions during his three visits to Azerbaijan SSR.

Ин November 1982, Yuri Andropov promoted Aliyev from candidate to full member of Soviet Politburo and appointed him to the post of First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, responsible for transportation and social services. Aliyev thus attained the highest position ever reached by an Azerbaijani in the Soviet Union. He was forced to resign from this position in 1987 amidst allegations of corruption made against him by Mikhail Gorbachev.

Haydar Aliev was also the third President of Azerbaijan for the New Azerbaijan Party from October 1993 to October 2003, when his son Ilham Aliyev succeeded him.

This is a clean-cut story, a vampire-communist classic. Even in the part where before leaving his vampire shell Heydar Aliyev transferred in a purely dynastic communist manner the power to his beloved son Ilham. The young vampire has been already, invariably and inevitably “reelected” a third-term President of Azerbaijan with 80% or more of the vote. Father and son gloriously lead and rule for a total of a quarter century now. Our Buddha (Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov – editor’s note) has a real example of ratings, popularity and authoritarianism to follow! The son of the senior KGB officer and senior Soviet nomenclature, Ilham Aliyev hardly has more intellectual qualities and a richer biography than, for example, our “prodigy” Delyan Peevski in Bulgaria. But both have the firstborn merit to be creatures of the vampire-communist gang that enslaved their “inherited” areas of the planet and turned them into private ownership.  As Bulgarians say nicely and accurately “They turned the State into their ownership!” In Azerbaijan this is so literally.

So, the father’s boy rules like Kim Jong-un in North Korea and due to his “honest” presidential work, he is today one of the richest billionaires in the world. The difference is that Kim is not yet a vampire, but rules under the old conventional communist system. The difference is that the Kims have directly annihilated even the “seed” of those who have dared to defy them, while the mutated communist Aliyev is arresting them, trying them publicly and throwing them to rot in the dungeon for many years to come. The real result is the same – “no person, no problem”. Comrade Stalin bequeathed it to us as a covenant for all times. This how he, the Comrade, dealt with all the problems in his Empire of Evil – eliminated a record number of them – somewhere over 30 million “problems”.. That is why the Soviet Union and its colonies collapsed quite smoothly afterwards.

Like it is not enough that Khadija Ismailova is a woman, a journalist , a normal and brave human being with a civil position and normal values, but she dared to investigate and dig into the dirty laundry and the corrupt dealings of Aliyev, the son of the KGB CPSU functionary and, for that matter, of the entire family. And in what country is she doing that? In a State owned by this same family, in their personal Communist pasha property? In a country where this little lay-figure man is elected by 85% of the population and the judiciary exists only to serve his personal dealings with national wealth and those of his loyal clique. Is there anyone in Bulgaria to exclaim that “there is no such State”; anyone surprised, amazed, shocked, indignant that it is possible for such system to exist and be tolerated somewhere in the world!? Thus, the close amorous relations between little Ilham and the Bulgarian vampires of the aforementioned type are not at all unnatural.


Despite the numerous declarations and messages, despite clear warnings not to legitimize this hopeless medieval post-communist satrap, the local parvenus could not help it, but fawn around him, supposedly in the name of “national interest”, a phrase sealed in our minds during the entire period of national agony in which they shoved us. The Foundation “Heydar Aliyev” would even finance with 1.2 million euro the dreams of Prime Minister Borisov and Culture Minister Vezhdi Rashidov to build on the historical Trapezitza hill in Veliko Tarnovo. God help us!

This is why in Bulgaria no one utters a word about Khadija; no one knows anything, and probably no one cares on the backdrop of their own herd existence. Only one Bivol (buffalo in Bulgarian – editor’s note) dared to come ahead of this herd; poke its tail and horns and roar around the field like crazy. But # Who is paying attention to a misguided beast when the herd is obedient and goes wherever taken – the dairy or the slaughterhouse – it goes and grazes.

In healthy societies, repression against investigating journalist Khadija already became a cause, a symbol of the struggle against the remnants of the tyrannical vampire-communism reigning in the sorry debris of the Evil Empire. Global leading media such as The Guardian, BBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Reuters, The Associated Press etc. , global institutions such as the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe / OSCE / erupted. The global journalistic organization for projects against corruption and organized crime / OCCRP /, whose member is Ismailova, continues to alarm the entire global community about this hellish dictatorship act of arrogance and carelessness thrown in the face of all honest people on Earth.

The US State Department, the Minister of State of the United Kingdom for Europe and the European Union have also sent letters of protest to the Azerbaijani government in defense of the journalist. US State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke called for Ismayilova’s release, saying that the United States “is deeply concerned by the incarceration of all of those detained in connection with exercising their fundamental freedoms, including journalist Khadija Ismayilova, and we have called for their release. We urge the Government of Azerbaijan to respect the universal rights of its citizens to ensure they are afforded all the fair trial guarantees to which all citizens are entitled, and to allow them to freely express their views.

Because of her work and investigations, Khadija Ismailova has already spent months in jail without the right to see her relatives and her lawyer, even without the right to personal notes and letters; without the right to be human. She was sentenced on September 1 to seven and a half years in prison. In Azerbaijan. To silence her bold words; to stop her condemning articles on KGB’s son Aliyev. Well anyway, the father was so to speak a colleague of Comrade Putin; they worked in the same company. One should not display the family’s dirty laundry in public and show the world what actually-true “democrat” rules the little Caspian oil-State, but if you look inside, you will see a vampire. However, the helpless Europe hopes to obtain Russian gas from his kingdom!

Khadija’s destruction cannot leave us indifferent. At least us here in Bulgaria, who are roasting on the same slow hellfire on which vampire-communists grill us. In the United States, England, Germany or the Czech Republic people are reacting, protesting, expressing solidarity with the journalist who is carrying the cross of free speech, while in Bulgaria all jointly and complicity remain silent and pretend to be oblivious. This is unacceptable. “But why should we be concerned about what is happening in Azerbaijan, about what are they doing there!?” Where did our urge for life, truth, “Freedom or Death” go? How did we lose inside us the Khadija Ismailova, the Anna Politkovskaya, or however you want to call the martyrs of justice and normality today. We have no right not to know. We have no right to be complacent. We have no right to put up and keep quiet. We are people. Still. Right?

Here Khadija’s letter from prison, published in the Washington Post. Let’s hear it the inside of our souls and in our most inner “room”, where we can be alone with ourselves to talk, to answer our own questions, to pray and even make an oath.

Please forgive my long silence. I was put in solitary confinement after my last letter was passed through these prison bars and published. My cell was searched and all my notes, including lists of things I was requesting from home, were taken. I have not received these back. I guess there are many devoted readers of mine at the penitentiary. They are taking turns reading my notes. That is why it is taking them such a long time to return what they have taken from me.

I have not been allowed to see my family, either. The arbitrariness of the penitentiary system allows me two phone calls each week that I use to speak with my mother but, contrary to the law, denies her and my lawyer regular visits. I have access to very little information. At least I have books to keep me company. I am translating one of these — “Children of the Jacaranda Tree” by Sahar Delijani — a novel about history and memory that is woven around the interlocking stories of three women imprisoned in Iran, and the people who support and are supported by them.

Maybe I will write a sequel to tell the stories of my five cellmates, and what their incarceration says about this country and its future. Among us we have created a family, a tiny ecosystem that gives us strength and helps us stay strong. My cellmates are also my new audience, that most precious thing that every journalist must have, even a journalist whom the government is trying to silence and pack away. I am no longer on the air, but inside these walls I’m connected to the struggles of Azeris in a more direct and personal way.

“Why am I here?” is a question that everyone in prison asks themselves, no matter the crime. Corruption is the reason I am in my prison, but the regime’s corruption, not mine. The only way to prove oppressive regimes wrong is to continue exposing corruption, and I have promised more investigations for 2015. Yes, there is a price to pay, but it is worth it! My arrest proves one more time that we must build a new reality where telling the truth will not require courage.

But what about the real crimes — the theft, the contempt for the law? What pushes people to commit these crimes?

In a country where unpunished crimes are at a record high and deeply rooted in all levels of government, there is a simple logic that prompts people to commit crimes. “If it is good, why can’t I do it?; if it is bad, why are they doing it?” And then the conclusion: “If they can do it, I’ll do it, too.” This is the mentality bred by a morally bankrupt regime that has turned my country’s justice system into a corrupt machine.

But the heart of the matter goes deeper than this. It is about power and greed, beginning with the president of the country down to the petty officials who showcase the most dramatic examples of corruption and impunity. This a country where money and power can cover up any crime, and where truth and deception have traded places. As a result, there are some 100 political prisoners behind bars in Azerbaijan. Think about the significance: In a very small, yet strategic and potentially volatile country bordering Russia and Iran, 100 of its best and brightest, its most aware, active and internationally engaged citizens have been removed from public life for the crime of seeking decency and fair play.

We also constantly ask ourselves where are we going, and what will we get in the end? In Kurdakhani prison, where I am now, the usual answer is three-to-five or five-to-12 years in jail. But my answer is that there is no end. The fight between good and evil goes on, and the most important thing is that this fight should not end. If we can continue to reject the thinking that is imposed on us and believe that human dignity is not for sale, then we are the winners, and they, our jailers both inside and outside prison, are the losers.

Prison is not frightening for those trying to right a twisted scale, or for those who are subject to threats for doing the right thing. We see clearly what we must fight for.

Life is very complicated, but sometimes we get lucky and are offered a clear choice, between truth and lies. Choose truth and help us.


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