Alepu: Offshore Company from Belize and Freemason Boss Will Build on the Beach

The road, closed by Mayor Panayot Reyzi, leads to the former municipal land sold in a scandalous manner

The company “Alepu Village” owns lucrative urbanized waterfront areas at the Alepu site which can be reached via the closed by the Mayor of Sozopol road along the so-called “Drivers’ Beach”. The terrain of this place is a landslide, but instead of consolidation of the banks, there is evidence of terracing in preparation for construction, showed reports of Bulgarian media in recent days, after the scandal with the closed road broke.

These are areas that have been contributed in kind by the Sozopol Municipality in a public-private company in 2005, then ceded to the private owners at an outrageously low price. The company that received the land is controlled by the managers of PLASTIMO, closely associated with Freemason “Boss” and agent of the former Communist State Security (DS), Borislav Sarandev, a check of Bivol showed. The real ownership, however, is hidden behind offshore companies in Belize.

“Worn-out” land for Belize offshore

In 2005 (under the previous mayor of the town) the municipality contributed in kind in “Alepu Village” 34% of the share capital of the company in the form of “abandoned farmlands”. The fact that the farmlands are beachfront property is a small detail. A total of 29,171 decares were valued then at 1.2252 million levs (40 levs per square meter). The object activity of the company was “construction and operation of a hotel complex with two-story villa-type construction, hotels and restaurants”.

Приблизителни граници на терените очертани с червено в Google Earth

The approximate boundaries of the land plots are drawn in red in  Google Earth

At the same time, the contribution in kind was listed as a loan with a mortgage, where the Sozopol municipality was the lender and the loan recipients were “Alepu Village”, “Intel BF” Ltd. and “Black Sea Leasing Company”. All these companies are connected to the same persons.

Two years later, the Sozopol municipality sold to “Alepu Village” JSC different shares from the four properties. The transaction was entered without material interest which is too weird. In 2008, the mortgage on the land was removed and the Property Registry shows that “Alepu Village” had paid the municipality another 1,369,081 levs, thus the resources that the municipality obtained from the “abandoned farmlands” reached 2,594,281 levs.

The transformation of the shareholding of Sozopol municipality shows a rather scandalous picture. On July 15, 2008, the “Black Sea Leasing Company” LTD made a proposal to the Sozopol Municipal Council to buy 15% of the capital of “Alepu Village” for the price of 500,000 euro. According to its statute, the municipality had to respond within 15 days. The report of the Mayor was, however, delayed and the Chair of the Municipal Council Krasimira Germanova decided that deadlines were missed and not to convene an extraordinary meeting. Eventually, on September 12, 2008, the Municipal Council decided to abandon the proposal, but accepted the proposal of Panayot Reyzi to sell all 34% of municipal stake in “Alepu Village” to the Belizean offshore “Novastar Holding”, represented by Georgi Tashev.

“If we knew in the previous Municipal Council that this moment would come, there would not be land contributed in kind. Here, I have come to this decision because for me this land was worn-out and it is better to proceed to clear such relationships than to touch other areas,” Sozopol Mayor Panayot Reyzi justified his proposal at the meeting of the Municipal Council on September 12, 2008. In the previous term, when the deal was taking shape, Mayor Reyzi was Chairman of the Municipal Council. The case is detailed in a report by the Institute for Public Environment Development from 2010 for vote buying in local elections.

Износените земи продадени от Община Созопол на цена 44 евро на кв. метър

The “worn-out” lands sold by Sozopol Municipality for 44 euro per square meter 

Wayward urbanization

The cadastral map shows that “worn-out” lands are adjacent to the large plot of the “Glabbolgarstroy” company where the vacation village Saint Thomas was built. The terrain of St. Thomas was also co-owned by the Municipality of Sozopol, against which it receives several apartments in the village. Once “Alepu Village” obtained in full the “worn-out” areas, their status changed to urban territory for resort construction, hotels and others. Satellite maps show that in these lands there is a road to St. Thomas which is lacking in the cadaster. However, a thin strip of municipal land for a “side-street” was left between the lands and the beach.

“Worn-out” land or criminal “pillage”?

The deal with the “worn-out” land ultimately ended up being too advantageous for “Alepu Village”. At the height of the property boom, the company acquired “golden” lands near the beach for 44 euro per square meter, without even counting the common parts acquired for free from the Municipality.

For comparison, around the same time, 130 decares near the beach “Coral” were sold by a profiteers group, led by current Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, to a Spanish investor for 300 to 400 euro per square meter. The group bought the land years earlier in a scandalous way from the Tsarevo Municipality for 7 US dollars per square meter.

We remind the above because in both cases the municipalities ended up being outrageously harmed by the transactions. The municipal wealth was given away to private entities for pocket change, but the Prosecution still does not see anything wrong with it. Neither Tsarevo Mayor Petko Arnaudov nor Sozopol Mayor Panayot Reyzi became clients of the Prosecution over these scandalous deals.

Who are the owners of “Alepu Village”?

14% of the company “Alepu Village” is held directly by Kristian Hristov and Plamen Markov, who, in addition to PLASTIMO, deal with versatile business. The remaining 72% are shared between the companies K CAPITAL and G & M CONSULT, whose managers are Hristov, Markov and Borislav Sarandev. The latter is a Freemason “Boss” and was exposed as DS agent with the code name “Romanov”. The three are in the supervisory board of the Samokov factory PLASTIMO, owned by K CAPITAL and G & M CONSULT.

On their part, the two firms are owned by offshore companies from Belize, represented by Georgi Tashev, owner of the Plovdiv restaurant “Hebros”.


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