The abysmal situation with media freedom in Bulgaria is an important issue for leading European media. The drastic and consistent collapse of media freedom in our country, especially after Bulgaria’s accession to the EU, remains inexplicable for the European public. In a comprehensive reportage, the German-French ARTE TV is exploring the reasons for this disturbing paradox. It reaches the conclusion that the State, the society and the media are in the grip of backstage oligarchic structures which forcefully impose their interests without complying with the laws and principles of democracy. Bulgaria is again the focus of attention with organized crime and corruption at all echelons of power and Bivol is featured as well.

La liberté de la presse en Europe (Freedom of Press in Europe)

(Excerpt on Bulgaria)

While Bulgarian journalists are struggling to practice their trade in healthy conditions, Northern Europe excels, but not France…

Assaults, threats, censorship – since 2007 and Bulgaria’s accession the European Union, the freedom of the press has continued to plummet persistently. In the latest “World Press Freedom Index 2014″ of Reporters Without Borders, the country fell from the 57th to 106th place. The NGO is particularly alarmed by the persecution of investigative journalists and the “repeated attacks” of which journalists were victims during demonstrations calling for the resignation of the Bulgarian government in the summer of 2013.

Journalist Lyuba Kulezic keeps a dark memory of that summer. The free and without taboo voice of the host of one of the most watched talk shows of the main private TV channel in the country is not to the liking of everyone. On July 13, 2013, she was attacked on the street, kicked to the ground by blows. The next day she appeared on the screen filled with emotion, her face swollen. Here is how she analyzes today the reasons behind this aggression against her. “It is a way of conveying the message to the entire journalist community that if it violates certain taboos in the media or if it investigates personalities who believe themselves untouchable, their physical well-being is no longer guaranteed.”



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