“Bad Apples” Can Bring even the Dead Back in Business

Екип на Биволъ

The French Ambassador to Bulgaria came on TV and said that the rule of law in our country is only a facade. Judges “bad apples” can validate outright theft of business and ruin in several hours perennial efforts of honest investors to bring normalcy in our rotten country, accepted by mercy in the European family.

Through its inaction, the prosecution fully supported the words of the Ambassador. It refused to investigate the signal and passed the ball to the Supreme Court of Cassations.

The explanation for this shameful refusal to deliver justice is not obvious, but it is also very rotten. The particular “bad apple” is supported by a particular corpulent back, whose initials were written on a page from the infamous notebook “Zlatanov”; a page that Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov refused to show. Readers can put two and two together.

The “bad apples” in Bulgaria are apparently so rotten that they can successfully transcend someone from afterlife. The fact that it is entirely possible for a judge to list as manager of a company a long-dead person is proof of this – and not some anonymous representative of the minorities, but a public and sufficiently well-known figure.

Bivol can cite two such illustrative cases, but there are certainly many more.

At the end of September 2006, sailors from the submarine Glory buried the deceased writer and submariner, Captain 1st Rank Konstantin Ploshtakov, born in 1934. The Navy organized his solemn “sea burial” with triple salvo to the memory of the mythical Captain-submariner.

Four years later, the business cases department of the Sofia City Court certified that Ploshtakov was a Member of the Board of Directors of the joint stock company “Balkan Trade Exchange Open Market Sofia”. The certificate reflected the current documented status of the company by December 28, 2007, i.e. one year after the Captain’s death. Even now Ploshtakov successfully remains from the beyond Member of the Board of Directors; the last status update is from January 10, 2012

There is another known case of resurrection – that of the late former owner of hotel Kempinski in Sofia, Ivan Zografski – widely covered in the media in 2008

Zografski died in Berlin in June 2007 and his death was also reported by the media. A year later, the manager of the company Zografski Ltd., Nina Milkova Peneva, declared that he was alive and well and was owner of the company. And on February 20, 2008, the Sofia City Court documented the impossible – that Zografski was legally alive. This was followed by sequestration of the property of the “living dead” and a judicial saga with his heirs from whom the State finally managed to collect 1 million levs in unpaid taxes.


By law, someone must be responsible for signing a declaration with false data. In reality, this is not happening. And the institution doing the entry is mandated to conduct a simple check in the Civil Registration and Administrative Services Department (GRAO) before recording it. However, in reality, it does not, or circumvents it, motivated by something.

It is therefore quite possible for deceased people to manage and own companies, while crooks, alive and well, can appropriate them without having any rights and get away with it.

The only case that has stirred public noise is the one with prosecutors charging, under Article 313 of the Penal Code, notorious former lawmaker Hristo Bisserov for declaring false data about his Swiss account. Bivol can cite at least two other such scandalous cases with public figures, of which the prosecution is for sure aware, but prefers to remain inactive.

The former Regional Governor of Burgas Pavel Marinov has listed in the Trade Registry a “deceased” company, which is removed from the records in the United Kingdom. On paper, he continues to operate on its behalf, but the Commission for Conflict of Interest did not see a problem in this.

Vladimira Yaneva, Head of the Sofia City Court and a family friend of former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, has also submitted a false declaration with the Ministry of Interior. She has declared a false current address in the village of Topola, it the Kavarna municipality, where, however, nobody knows anything about her.

The signals to the prosecution in both cases are still pending – because a “bad apple” doesn’t do bad things to another bad apple. And the situation will remain the same until they are all removed, without any exception!


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