Serbian citizen Bitiki Hakki, convicted for the contract murder of businessman Bozhin Bozhinov to four and a half years in prison, is at large and cannot be found to serve his sentence, Bivol learned from insider sources from the Prosecutor’s Office.


The case has concluded long ago with the conviction being confirmed on first instance! Before this confirmation of the sentence, the candidate for killer has been released on bail of 10 000 levs and is currently at large. The Court must find him, deliver the verdict to him and invite him to go to prison.

As Bivol wrote, the first effective sentence in a prevented contract murder case was buried in complete media silence. On May 16, 2012, the Ministry of Interior loudly boasted that it has prevented the murder of a businessman. Actually, the Ministry did not have any part whatsoever in preventing this crime. Lebanese citizen Mustafa Mohammad Ismail appeared in the police precinct and told how the Serb of Albanian origin Bitiki Hakki has hired him to kill businessman Bozhin Bozhinov for a pay of 20,000 levs.

Bitiki Hakki was then arrested. A photo of Bozhinov was found on him, but he kept silent about his motives. Bozhinov, himself, however, was adamant in his testimony before the Main Directorate for Combatting Organized Crime (GDBOP). According to him, the person who contracted the murder and took the picture is Valery Velichkov, the chemist in the notorious drug case “Opitsvet.” Velichkov’s reason to resort to such drastic move was outstanding business dealings between his family and Bozhinov as they were partners in several companies. The case against Hakki however, was classified and media had no access to Court sessions and to witness testimony.

Bivol wrote back in 2012 that while Valery Velichkov was under investigation in 2004, his wife managed to build a house for one million euro. The same year, Velichkov’s elderly mother acquired a very attractive property in Sofia’s affluent Boyana suburb, just behind the movie studios, for 400,000 euro, and the origin of the money is a mystery. After this publication, the prosecution launched pre-trial proceedings for money laundering on the order of then Chief Prosecutor Boris Velchev, which also sank in mystery.

Velitchkov is a key figure in the case against former anti-mafia police (GDBOP) chief, Stanimir Florov , who is being investigated for leaking information in operation “Opitsvet” in exchange of bribery. The following is written in the proposal for launching a probe of the National Investigative Services (NSS) in the case codenamed “Arabs,” dated October 21, 1999:

“According to unverified operational information, reflected in memo N ° B-5713/27.09.99, Florov worked in the “Opitsvet” case together with the subject of the probe and committed to warn the parties in case of threats to them against 20,000 German marks.”

As Bivol reminded, Velitchkov is among the suspects whom Florov was informing about developments in the case. The other suspects were Kristian Mladenov, Nikolay Gigov and Adel Sarkis.


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