For yet another year, Bivol was awarded with the “Biodiversity” prize for the best journalistic material on the preservation of Bulgarian wildlife.

Very strong publications of Capital Daily, bTV, the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), NOVA TV and Channel 0 were nominated in the same category. The jury noted that it has chosen Bivol because of the courage with which our team stands up against irregularities in the system, against the mafia and the former communist State Security behind it.

The award was presented in the Literary Club “Peroto” (Pen) by writer Radoslav Parushev. The audience award in the category “journalism” went to our colleagues from magazine “8“.

Foundation “Biodiversity” distinguished environmentalists with awards in five categories. There were a total of 69 different nominations. “Potatoes – from Krastava for Krastava”, organized by the Association “Bikearea”, received the jury award for most successful campaign. In this category, the audience chose “Life for the Kresna Gorge”. “Activist of Nature” – the category with 18 nominations – was won by Georgi Stoyanov. Radan Kanev received the prize of politician with the greatest attention to the Bulgarian nature. The award for businesses supporting biodiversity was bestowed to power utility EVN.

The investigative materials of Bivol have been repeatedly used as major and useful information and have provoked widespread civil protests in defense of the most vulnerable sites of Bulgarian nature. Its preservation has become one of the missions of our media. In a series of publications, it exposed a large number of abuses of Bulgarian nature; shed light on flawed procedures for misappropriation of State and municipal lands from persons close to the government. It has published documents and facts that are irrefutable evidence of their criminal activity.


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