For the second year in a row Bivol was awarded the prize for environmental journalism by the Foundation “Biodiversity”. This time our site won the audience award for “Best Journalistic Publication Associated with Preservation of Bulgarian Wildlife”.

Bivol was nominated for its numerous publications about the destruction of dunes in Nessebar (Dunes Gate), construction on wild beaches Karadere and Coral and in the Strandzha, Pirin, and Vitosha mountains, the deforestation of the banks of the Ropotamo river, abuses with land swaps, and poaching, among others.

Investigative materials of Bivol have been repeatedly used as fundamental and useful information and have caused violent civil protests in defense of the most vulnerable locations of Bulgarian nature. The latter’s protection has become one of the missions of the site. In a series of publications, it has exposed a large number of abuses of Bulgarian nature; shed light on flawed procedures for appropriating state and municipal lands by persons close to the government. The site published documents and facts irrefutably proving their criminal activity.

Bivol’s publications encountered wide-spread response and reaction among leading European and international media and have been republished by them. They served as basis for these media to carry out their own investigations into the findings of Bivol. They also repeatedly challenged and provoked reactions in institutions, which, fortunately, in many cases were adequate.

This was appreciated by the audience. With 200 votes Bivol became the winner in its category and won the award.

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The annual awards ceremony of Foundation “Biodiversity” was held at the European Commission Representation in Sofia. Journalists, public figures, and representatives of the business, who contributed to the protection of Bulgarian wildlife, were among the winners. You can see who they are on the site of “Biodiversity” which organized for the third consecutive year this prestigious contest.

“Years ago when the biggest pogrom against Bulgarian nature started and the front for its rescue opened, a senior ruling politician had the nerve to bluntly tell me: “You know, whatever you do, in the battle between business and nature, the business will be the winner because the money is there.” And I replied: “You are deeply mistaken. In this battle we will win in the name of nature, because life is there.” “So I accept this award as a symbol of our common victory,” said Bivol’s Director Assen Yordanov. Him rattling the winners’ bell and his words that being decorated with such bell really suits a true buffalo (Bivol in Bulgarian means buffalo – editor’s note) sparked stormy cheers and applause.

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