Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor Will Fight Corruption with the Help of Dubious People

The Deputy Chief of Bulgaria’s State Agency for National Security (DANS), Vanya Stefanova, and the Head of the Agency’s Department “C” (like in Corruption), Dimitar Vlahov, will join yet another new structure to combat corruption, under the leadership of the prosecution. It was announced recently that this structure has started operating already.

As prosecutor, Vanya Stefanova oversaw the affair with the alleged fake election ballots known as “Kostinbrod” in which the State prosecution failed miserably. Then she became DANS’ Deputy Director, where she was signing under the use of Special Surveillance Devices in the scandalous operation “Worms”. Stefanova is now heading a department in the new special unit.

Dimitar Vlahov is a personal choice of Chief Prosecutor, Sotir Tsatsarov, as they are both from the same hometown – Plovdiv. The name of the former Head of the Unit for Combatting Organized Crime in Plovdiv emerged on the infamous notebook page with “emergency numbers” of Roma clan boss Tsar Kiro, along with the numbers of customs officers and employees of the National Revenue Agency (NRA). All persons on this list denied that they knew Tsar Kiro, and he, himself, denied that this was his notebook.

However, the Director of the Customs Agency, Vanyo Tanov, confirmed before the public TV BNT the existence of the notebook: “I took the initiative and contacted a colleague from DANS. I wanted to clarify this case as far as it concerns my Agency. After the meeting, it was confirmed that such a notebook has been seized, but it is too early to comment on the persons that are listed inside because we need to conduct the appropriate probes. The case is from 2011 and until now, the probes involving the persons who appear in the notebook should have been carried out,” the former and current head of the Customs Agency told BNT.

A probe in the case with the scandalous notebook was ordered to be conducted by the Ministry of Interior and DANS by then-Interior Minister Tsvetlin Yovchev in January 2014. Yovchev said at the time “that there was some document (or how should I call it), of the existence of which the former Interior Minister has been notified, and such a document has been provided to the Main Directorate Combating Organized Crime.

The results of this probe remain unknown to this day. However, the anonymous person, who sent the notebook, clearly wrote in the explanatory note that “nothing will be done in this case”.



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