Bulgarian Mayor Legitimizes International Dodgers

Ivan Alexiev (from the centrist party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, GERB) is staging a hypocritical spectacle instead of applying a decision of the Municipal Council from 2011
Екип на Биволъ

The Mayor of Pomorie Ivan Alexiev failed to fulfill his campaign promise to end the public-private partnership of the Pomorie Municipality with dubious investors investigated by the prosecution. He continues to negotiate with them and gambles with municipal property, which can lead to huge losses for the municipality.

On October 29, 2014, Alexiev attended the general meeting of the company Kabland, created by “NGB Consulting” and Pomorie municipality ten years ago, to build a golf course. The municipality has contributed to the company 2,000 decares of land in Kableshkovo. The only significant assets of the newly established company are the municipal land plots, but the municipality receives just 20% from the company as the land near Pomorie is estimated at the “staggering” price of 0.14 levs per square meter. In ten years, despite the loud promises, there is no golf course or even the beginning of construction works and the partners are attempting to appropriate the lucrative municipal lands.

After being elected in 2011, Alexiev promised to annul the controversial contract with Kabland. However, this did not happen. Despite the conclusive evidence that the promised golf complex has evaporated in thin air, the Mayor of Pomorie is yet to terminate it. The Mayor only needs to comply with the decision of the Municipal Council of Pomorie from 2011. This decision was upheld by the Court, but instead of applying it, Ivan Alexiev is staging a hypocritical spectacle. He claims that the contract is vicious and deceitful, but for three years now continues to legitimize the group of international dodgers, appearing publicly in their company and holds negotiations leading to nowhere.

Bulgarian Mayor Legitimizes International DodgersBulgarian Mayor Legitimizes International DodgersBulgarian Mayor Legitimizes International Dodgers

Bogus Investors with Many Names

The so-called “investors” are people with many names and passports. One, known as Dario Tomaletti or Bozhidar Tomalevski, is actually named Bozhidar Tomalev and he is the leader of the party “The Other Bulgaria”. Tomalev was also active during the counter-protests in support of the government of Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski, and now acts as the leader of investors harmed by the run of private lender Corporate Comercial Bank, KTB.

The other “investor”, presented as a financial advisor, is George Gourkovski or Zhorzhes Gyurkovski or Georgi Gyurkovski, depending on which passport he is using. He was born in France and is the son of Andrey Gyurkovski, the former candidate for Mayor of Sofia on the ticket of the party of Bulgaria’s former King, Simeon Saxe-Coburg.

The third is a British national – Nicholas Gallagher, who is the “man with the money”.

The tree registered the company “NGB Consulting” and logged in the Pomorie Municipality an investment proposal for hundreds of millions of euros. The well-dressed Nicholas Gallagher was presented as the creator and Director of the investment fund Powercourt Capital, which is building abroad sites for billions. Prior to “attacking” the municipality, “NGB” somehow acquired a first class investor certificate from the Investment Agency, issued by Stoyan Stalev (during the term of the government of the Three-Party Coalition).

The investors received full support from then-Mayor of Pomorie Peter Zlatarev from the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP. The dazzled municipal councilors decided to contribute 2,000 decares of land in the company “Kabland”, registered by “NGB”, which was to build the complex. “NGB” was supposed to contribute 600,000 levs. However, the councilors did not know that at this same time “Kabland” has already been transferred under the offshore company “Darnik Limited” in Malta.


Bivol subsequently revealed that Powercourt Capital have no idea who Nicholas Gallagher is. A more detailed research showed that “the man with the money” has registered in England a company with a similar name – Powercourt Investments. After achieving his goal to impress and cheat the Balkan natives, Gallagher closed the company. These facts are documented in black and white, with examples from the British Trade Registry.

The purpose of these fake investors was to become the happy owners of 2,000 decares of golden waterfront land obtained by fraud for pocket change. Meanwhile, the damages for the municipality will be amounting to tens of millions of euros.

Furthermore, this is not the first time when Tomalev has profiteered. Before tackling the large prey of 2,000 decares, Tomaletti managed to swap, together with former politician Nihat Kabil, 200 decares of State land in Pomorie against meadows in Topolovgrad. By investing 45,000 levs in the meadows, they earned from the land by the sea 8,500,000 levs without anyone holding them accountable. The anatomy of this swap, exposed by an investigation of Bivol, is a classic example of plundering of State property by the government of the Three-Party Coalition.

After the publication of Bivol, exposing the fraudulent schemes, Tomalev tried unsuccessfully to sue the site.

The lands in Kableshkovo do not fall into a protected area and the deal does not spur huge public outrage as in the cases of construction on wild beaches such as Karadere, Coral and others, but the blatant fraud is an unprecedented fact and if it passes, it can be applied elsewhere, with the support of the State, which is issuing certificates to suspicious individuals.

The “Kabland” deal is also probed by the prosecution, but despite the conclusive evidence of fraud committed by Gallagher, documented in black and white with examples from the British Trade Registry, until now, there is no order for its termination to prevent the forthcoming grand theft of municipal property.


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