Bulgarian “Party” Prosecutor Boryana Betsova Exonerated “French Unemployed” Ivan Danov As Well

#QUI is guarding one of the trusted men of #WHO?
Екип на Биволъ

“Boryana Betsova, what apple is she?” French Ambassador in Sofia Xavier Lapeyre de Cabanes wrote on Twitter. The suggestion is clear. Boryana Betsova, a prosecutor from the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office is the one that closed the investigation against Delyan Peevski, notorious lawmaker from the party largely representing the Muslim minority in Bulgaria, Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), and is now working hard on the investigation against the activists of the so-called “Protest Network” Assen Genov, Antoaneta Tsoneva, Nikolay Staykov and Konstantin Pavlov, launched on the grounds of a slander inspired by Peevski.

A slander that does not contain any details of offenses, unlike the signal against Peevski, against the majority shareholder of the collapsed Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB), Tsvetan Vassilev and against journalist-politician Nikolay Barekov, which is justified by compelling evidence, including investigations of Bivol in surreptitious funding of media through loans granted by CCB to connected parties.

What can we tell the Ambassador? Your Excellency, Boryana Betsova is a prosecutor linked to DPS and a “bad apple”. And the French State may help to irrefutably prove this. Boryana Betsova is the prosecutor who recently closed the investigation against former Minister Ivan Danov in him illegally receiving unemployment benefits in France.

You personally committed before Bulgarian media that France will investigate Danov in abuse of the French welfare system. However, no investigation followed. There was a shocking statement by a French official before TV M6 that Danov’s case was political and therefore will not be investigated. There was also a “parade” in Sofia of former senior French police officers who defended Ivan Danov while he was Minister.

And Betsova grabbed the official ball passed by France and stopped the probe against him. Her ruling from January this year is a copy-paste of the confused explanations of the architect, who claims that the French social services paid him unemployment benefits without him knowing it.

The French State is generous. Bulgarians can go there and lie unperturbed and receive social assistance. It may be illegal, but no one will investigate them – this is the message from the case “Danov” so far.

And another thing that You, Mr Ambassador, often resent – Boryana Betsova not been assigned to this case on a random principle, but has replaced the first prosecutor in the case. He has been withdrawn in order to have precisely her lead the investigation and issue the “appropriate” ruling.

Bivol will appeal the ruling and will request by the Supreme Judicial Council a detailed check of Betsova’s overall work and of the random distribution of her cases. And You, Mr Ambassador, what would you do? Is France going to seek justice for the aggrieved investors in the social fund, or is it going to continue with the political cover-up for the odious character Danov? The deadlines are expiring and Ivan Danov will soon be able to obtain final amnesty.

So, Mr de Cabanes, it is fine that you are inquiring about the obvious in Betsova’s case. In our country the obvious is often taboo. But you have to give an example of what a “good apple” is. Otherwise, we will need to ask #QUI is guarding one of the trusted men of #WHO?



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