Bulgarian Prime Minister Gives “Chance” to Executioner of Free Speech

Instead of solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and the freedom of press
Екип на Биволъ

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, also known as “Buddha” – his codename as a thug from the transition period after the fall of Communism, followed and recruited by the Central Unit for Combatting Organized Crime – said Saturday that he was not intending to replace Vladimir Pisanchev as Head of the National Security Agency (State Agency for National Security, DANS) and bragged that he has been the one to promote the latter in the ranks of the secret services:

“I made Pisanchev Deputy Director of the National Security Agency during my previous term. The secret services’ work depends on how they are managed,” he told Nova TV.

Borisov said he was aware of the talents of both Pisanchev and the Chief Secretary of the Interior Ministry, Lazarov, adding it was now time to give them a chance to demonstrate these talents.

Bivol recently published photos, revealing a hitherto unknown talent of Lazarov – his closeness to an individual, who is a defendant in a financial crimes case, and is associated with Ahmed Dogan, lifetime honorary chairman of the party largely representing the Muslim minority in Bulgaria – Movement for Rights and Freedoms, DPS.

Regarding Pisanchev, we give the word to Reporters Without Borders, who issued a special statement before his election as Head of the National Security Agency, reminding that he wiretapped journalists for political purposes:

“The new head of the DANS must be above suspicion and must have no direct or indirect link with cases of spying on journalists, which have badly undermined this agency’s credibility.”

Regarding Borisov’s manner of managing the secret services, it is best to quote what he, himself, said before journalists, after the publication of the “Buddha” file.

“What they have done, I can cook it for all of you standing here today. I can order the secret services to launch similar cases for all of you journalists, all of you without exception.”

After these words coming from Borisov, AKA Buddha, Reporters Without Borders wrote literally the following:

“We are stunned, dismayed and outraged by the prime minister’s irresponsible comments, which constitute serious and direct threats to all news providers,” Reporters Without Borders said. “We thought that ‘secret service investigations’ of journalists and media were a thing of the past, the Cold War era.”

Freedom of speech in Bulgaria collapsed dramatically exactly during Borisov’s first term in office. Then much of the print and electronic media, together with the distribution market, were seized by the group Peevski – Tsvetan Vasilev with money from the now- bankrupt Corporate Commercial Bank, CCB (see Bivol’s investigation in the financing of CCB, quoted by international media such as Forbes).

This total rout of the relatively free until then Bulgarian journalism was done with the active support and blessing of Borisov and his ruling party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB). The vicious status quo served Borisov perfectly, as he was literally showered with deifying him propaganda publications. This was recognized frankly and cynically by his Minister of “Culture” (not coincidentally in quotation marks), Vezhdi Rashidov:

“We left all the loot to go through the bank of this Dogan; let the money flow in order to rule calmly, by having media comfort and now realized that these are some bastards who bamboozled us.”

Such is the thugs’ slang – “loot, money flows, bastards, bamboozle”. Some goons bamboozled other goons. Some goons had and still have government money. They bought and are currently buying media comfort from other corpulent goons. They imposed and are imposing now total pressure on free speech.

Media freedom is one of the most obvious criteria for the state of a society and its level of democracy. The ill processes in Bulgaria did not go unnoticed by the European community and this prompted the European Parliament to organize on June 6, 2012, a public discussion and a conference on “Freedom of Media in Bulgaria“, on the initiative of several parliamentary groups specifically dealing with our country. At the conference, the Director General of Reporters Without Borders, Olivier Basil, and European Commissioner, Nellie Cruz, delivered deep and serious statements (see the video from the conference below).

Naturally, the European conference was totally silenced by Peevski’s media and concealed from the Bulgarian public. People were left in the dark about the heavy assessment which was given to Borisov’s rule, regarding the protection of freedom of speech. On the contrary, on the special order of the government, a sinister smear “black” campaign was launched full-force against Bivol by mainstream media serving the power, as it always happens when we seriously affect the rulers by uncomfortable truths. The video from this conference, to which Bivol was invited, can be seen here. You can hear the speeches at the conference and draw your own conclusions about the reasons why this same Prime Minister is now keeping in office the Head of the National Security Agency, appointed by Peevski, against whom the European organization for free speech reacted so strongly.

Only two months ago, the tragic assessment of Reporters Without Borders was confirmed through a more severe deterioration of media freedom at a seminar organized by them in Sofia. Boyko Borisov is personally responsible for the increasing attacks against independent journalists in the country and for the perpetuation of the most sinister appointments by the previous government of Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski, endorsed by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and by DPS. Thus, Borisov has definitively revealed his true image of satrap of real democracy in Bulgaria and of the struggle of our society to live in a normal country, where there is rule of law, European values and standards.

We have today a combination that is unexpectedly-good for the satraps of free speech. A Prime Minister, who may order unlawful investigations, a Head of the National Security Agency, who has been proven to have conducted such investigations, and a chance for them to continue under the wise rule of the former thug.

And let’s not forget several former protesters who were opposing precisely this type of rule and who are quietly collaborating today with gangsters and secret services snitches and are making them legitimate before the global public. And this is something that history never forgives!

PS The news that Borisov was going to take part in the procession for freedom of speech in Paris came right after the publication of this article. This is what we call arrogance without borders.



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