Bulgarian Prosecutor General, Sotir Tsatsarov, was recently on a visit to share experiences with his Russian counterpart Yuri Chaika. We can only imagine the knowledge that Tsatsarov can acquire and implement in Bulgaria from the Russian Prosecutor’s Office known for his track record and the sinister practice of being a pillar for Stalin and his current heir in Moscow. Tsatsarov’s previous foreign travels included Vietnam and Kazakhstan, and in Sofia, he met a delegation from Kyrgyzstan. All of these countries are an example of rule of law and democratic societies that are leading the fight against corruption and human rights violations.

Yuri Chaika gained fame two years ago after investigations exposed his family’s enormous wealth. It has been accumulated through the joint business of his sons with persons from the organized crime. Tsatsarov and Chaika now shared best practices on how to fight organized crime groups.


This provoked Bivol’s interest whether Sotir Tsatsarov had ever been invited to the United States, our main NATO partner in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking (the DEA agency has been officially represented for years at the Bulgarian Main Directorate for Combatting Organized Crime, GDBOP). The Foreign Ministry replied that Tsatsarov never wanted and received an American visa through the consular office, which means he had not been invited there officially.


The press service of the Prosecutor’s Office did not even answer the question whether Tsatsarov wanted and obtained a US visa as a private person.

The US Embassy was also laconic, reminding that according to US law, information relating to individual visa applicants’ decisions is confidential and therefore cannot be given to third parties in response to the question whether Tsatsarov has ever applied for a visa and whether he has received such as a private individual.

Bivol learned from independent sources that the Prosecutor General had shown desire to fly across the Atlantic and possibly attend the famous “Prayer Breakfast” organized by the White House and the US Congress, where over the years we have seen the appearances of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, his right hand, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, and a number of other Bulgarian politicians and businessmen. This is the reason to inquire whether Sotir Tsatsarov has applied and has received a US visa. A simple question left without an exact answer.




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