As byproduct of its large-scale investigation “Bulgartabac Mafia” (see Part 1 and Part 2) Bivol found out that from January 2015 one of the offshore owners of the Austrian company BT INVEST GmbH has changed.

Lichtenstein offshore LIVERO ESTABLISHMENT has sold its 50% share in BT INVEST to another Lichtenstein company STIGA ANSTALT. This is what the Austrian Trade Registry currently shows.

Since January 10, 2015, the offshore companies STIGA ANSTALT and WOODFORD ESTABLISHMENT are shareholders in the company, which holds 80% of the shares of the tobacco holding.

This fact remains unknown to the public and institutions for more than half a year. The Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) answered to an inquiry of Bivol that it had no information about a change in ownership of the second largest public company in Bulgaria. The last time the CPC has issued an opinion on the ownership of Bulgartabac was in June 2014, explained the press office of the Commission.

The Financial Supervision Commission never answered the questions of Bivol, which shows a complete lack of interest in #WHO owns Bulgartabac, despite the legal obligation to declare change in ownership.

The fact that such large public company as Bulgartabac withheld from the State and the minority shareholders the change in ownership is indicative of how untouchable the real owner feels. And also how arrogant he is.

STIGA ANSTALT is represented by the same law firm of Andreas Shurti that played a key role in the backstage privatization of Bulgartabac.

Read about Shurti’s connections with the main players in the deal for Bulgartabac with “black money” behind the State’s back and about who they are in the forthcoming third part of the investigation “Bulgartabac Mafia” – the documentary dissection of the model # WHO.



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