Judge Stefan Grozdev – candidate for Head of the Sofia Court of Appeals has acquired extremely profitably an apartment in Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower – rue de Monttessuy, in the 7th district (arrondissement). According to Grozdev’s explanations, the apartment is occupied by his daughter and her boyfriend, who is French. The company of Christina Grozdeva is registered at the same address.

The difference between the price declared by Grozdev and the market prices in this neighborhood is about threefold. At the time of the acquisition in 2010, one square meter in this area was worth, at best, just under 10,000 euros, showed a check of Bivol.

The average price for Paris in 2010 was around euro 7,000 per square meter (the information is from the website of the Chamber of Notaries). In the prestigious 7th district, however, it reached 9,000 to 10,000 euros in 2010. Currently, the average price is 11,700 euros.

Актуални цени в 7-и квартал в Париж. Информация от сайта на Камарата на нотариусите във Франция.

Prices in the 7th district in Paris. The information is from the website of the Chamber of Notaries in France

In Grozdev’s declaration (see here in Bulgarian), the apartment is estimated at 115,000 euro for 35 square meters, which is 3,300 per square meter.

Contacted by phone, judge Grozdev explained the extremely lucrative deal with the skills of his daughter’s friend, who was a real estate pro. He promised to send more detailed information about the purchase to the editors’ email.


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