Colonel Mikoulinsky: Until 2018 My Official Address Is That of the Embassy

Right of reply

A right of reply of Colonel Vladimir Mikoulinsky was received in the editorial office. Bivol wrote earlier that he was appointed as manager of the company Kemira that is controlling Dunarit and has declared as “address of residence” the French Embassy in Sofia (PO Box 1504 Oborishte Street 27-29).

We are publishing the right of reply without any edits and changes and respected the desire of Colonel Mikoulinsky to delete his personal data – passport number and signature – from the previously published documents. But we refuse to remove the documents themselves, which, according to the Bulgarian Trade Act, are public and have been examined by a data administrator and are available to any third party as disclosed in the publicly available Trade Registry.

However, there is a contradiction between the opinion of the French Embassy and the statement of the Colonel. Therefore, we contacted him by phone to clarify the situation. We reminded Mr. Mikoulinsky that there is an official response from the press service of the French Embassy which states that only the Ambassador lives at this address.

“This is not a fake address, this is the official address listed in my passport which was issued by the Embassy when I was a military attaché. The document is valid until 2018. As a military man, I have changed my residence over 30 times and there is no need and possibility to change the address in my personal documents every time,” said the Colonel.

Under the law, however, if Mr. Mikoulinsky’s passport specifies an address where he does not reside or is not his real address that represents false personal data. The Colonel, himself, should request a change and enter a real address where he can be found by companies and institutions.

Regarding the connections of the other manager of Kemira, Pierre Louvrier, with Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, Colonel Mikoulinsky said that he has no information about the contacts of his colleague, and everything that had to be said has already been made public at a press conference in Sofia two days ago.

“Neither me, nor to the best of my knowledge Messrs Jacober or Cavalier have had any relations to the persons referred to in your publication. Anyone of us has an irreproachable reputation and public image, which could not be stained without grounds,” is written in the right of reply.

The persons referred to in the publications of Bivol are Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, subject to sanctions in the European Union, and Belgian entrepreneur Pierre Louvrier, who, according to their own statements published on the site of a company of Malofeev (in Russian), had started a joint financial project after Malofeev was sanctioned. Currently, Pierre Louvrier and Vladimir Mikoulinsky are managers of the company Kemira and Messrs. Jacober and Cavalier are on the Board of the Luxembourg company LIC 33, whose owner is Pierre Louvrier.

To read the right of reply of Colonel Mikoulinsky, click on the reduced images to view them in full.


Colonel Mikoulinsky: Until 2018 My Official Address Is That of the EmbassyColonel Mikoulinsky: Until 2018 My Official Address Is That of the EmbassyColonel Mikoulinsky: Until 2018 My Official Address Is That of the EmbassyColonel Mikoulinsky: Until 2018 My Official Address Is That of the Embassy


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