Come On Ms. Troll, Fess Up to Using Refugees’ Misery for Black PR!

Екип на Биволъ


Poignant picture with refugees in the special group for boosting MEP Yotova’s rating

Iliyana Yotova “submitted an invoice to the European Parliament from the company “Leadway Media Solutions” for the amount of €4.000… but explained that the project was completely different from the one which is alleged by Bivol,” writes the European edition Euractiv.

Iliyana Yotova kept silent for a long time after the revelation that she had ordered an internet troll campaign to be carried out by the company “Leadway.” This is a known tactic since the time of the regime of communist dictator Todor Zhivkov – take cover until the storm passes. However, it became obvious that it would not pass this easily and they came up with the next “talking points.”

The invoice cannot be concealed. Proof that the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has partnered with Leadway is readily available. However, one can manipulate the project – to declare it had other goals, not trolling. They are still thinking about what to say; they would say it next week – “the invoiced project, she said, concerned a study which she said will be presented publicly next week,” we learn from Euractiv. Moreover, Yotova had a private project with “Leadway,” but not for her website. The company remains silent and avoids journalists.

These smooth ricks will not fly. You better tell the truth, Yotova-Trollova! Tell how you used the misfortune and misery of thousands of human beings – refugees from Syria – to make political PR and denigrate a political opponent. Because the report of “Leadway” is absolutely authentic and we can prove this in court if necessary – Yotova has commissioned just that!

“During the reporting period, we were developing the created by us Facebook thematic group “WHERE IS THE MONEY OF THE REFUGEES?” ( Currently, the group already has 2769 members; their number, compared with the previous reporting period, has increased by 901 people. The group is used as an additional channel through which we promote the view of MEP Yotova on the single most current issue in Bulgaria. In this group, we upload news stories to comment on with our profiles, so that they disseminate their theses on the topic.”

By clicking on this link, anyone can see for themselves that what was reported was performed. Hurry, because the group may disappear as trolls’ profiles disappeared from Facebook after the first publication of Bivol. The screenshots will, however, remain.



But in addition to praise, this group is used to criticize Bulgarian EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva.

It does not matter whether the criticism of Georgieva is justified or not. What matters is who pays for the show!

It is this issue that Bivol will investigate until we get the final answer. Who, when, and how much paid to “Leadway” for this shameful campaign? What is the origin of the money – European, Bulgarian, party, communication allowance or from Yotova’s own pocket? On what legal grounds was this money paid and how was it accounted for by “Leadway”?

As we have seen from our previous investigation in the grant of Monica Stanisheva, the European inquisition machine is slow, but inevitably fatal for our Balkan EU-dodgers.


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