Communist Secret Services + BSPLeaks = 10 (DP)

The stolen notebook exposes hidden backstage connections
Екип на Биволъ

In recent days, the former Head of the Parliamentary Committee “Zlatanov”*, Socialist lawmaker Kiril Dobrev toured the media, carrying around the pages of the notebook which the Commission has received from the prosecution and where the initials DP have mysteriously become the number 10. According to him, there is nothing scandalous in the notebook; it did not figure Delyan Peevski’s** name and the latter was “among the victims”.

Little discussed, however, is the fact that Dobrev is, to put it mildly, in conflict of interest when he talks about DP. Dobrev’s sister Mariana is a procurator of the company connected to Delyan Peevski’s construction business – “Technoexportstroy” – privatized in 2012 with a loan from the failed private lender Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB or KTB) and transferred to “Sibole Services Inc.”, behind which stands a Panamanian offshore. “Sibole” owes 27.781 million levs to the closed CCB, but there is information that the loan has been transferred to First Investment Bank (FIB).

Bivol also found a business link between Dobrev and expert Stefan Benchev***, former employee of the Communist State Security (the Secret Services known as DS – editor’s note), who claims that the originals of the infamous notebook were stolen from him while he was taking them to the investigation, but had to stop behind some bushes on the side of the road to take a leak.

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Benchev’s brother-in-law, Stefko Irinkov, has installed the air-conditioning systems of the luxury hotel “Belchin Gardens” which, though unofficially, is owned by Kiril Dobrev. Irinkov owns the company BMS Engineering, which promotes its work on the hotel on its site. His wife Maya Georgieva is the sister of Stephen Benchev.

Officially, the hotel “Belchin Gardens” belongs to Vladimir Lazov, exposed by Bulgarian journalist Ivo Indzhev as the owner of the penthouses of former Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov also known as Gotse, his alias as DS agent. Dobrev’s leaked correspondence through BSPLeaks, however, shows that he has approved each stage of the construction of the hotel, even the color of the wallpaper and of the carpet in the rooms, coordinated price packages, the vision of the site and the advertising. Mariana Dobreva is a commercial director of the hotel.

Letter from America

Dobrev, Member of the Parliament from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is also known as one of the “rich youngsters” in the party, according to the characteristics of his fellow party members. Officially, he owns only one Hydro Power Plant (HPP) in the Pirin mountain, but his unofficial business, exposed in BSPLeaks, is too extensive and versatile. The following letter from 2011 gives an idea of the magnitude, but also of the “tug” style of the “rich youngster.” It features another Irinkov, who is also an intriguing figure. The leaked names open new, interesting topics for investigation in the undeclared business of the MP, managed through a network of dummy persons.

From: Kiril Nikolaev <>

Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2011 23:30:15 +0300 (EEST)

To: Eli Mileva <>


Eli, I was wondering whether you will miss me, but you did not answer. let me tell you that I will miss you. see, America is far, anything can happen, so please monitor closely what is going on in the office. I count on you.

  1. Pepi must work actively in Belchin. the landscaping to start with this chick. my mariana has spoken about the pavement just remind them. opening on June 1.
  1. Mariana to meet Elka and my Mariana to fix taxes for the apartments. I will pay for mine + the seaside ones. Elka and Mariana will pay for theirs. mary paid for those in gotse delchev. only Bansko remains. The Uncle and Irinkov called me. Asked me how much of the loan for unisport remained. put Marian in touch with Irinkov as early as the first work day. this is important.
  1. the gas stations remain for mitio. to sign with petrol and open them. when things for bezden are ready, they should send a letter to the mayor that they are giving up, but first let those people pay and then we should get the stations.
  1. tacheto should be done with what he has to do this month, is this clear?
  1. what remains for you is to operate Valkata. A-A-A-A I forgot. it is important. before dividing the money for the month, Yanko should send an invoice to Mariana. I think this month I will say how we should divide them.

this is it for now. fuck I will die here. i only feel good at home. email me if it is going to be long, otherwise we will write on the blackberry. by now, be healthy, give 25 to that arsehole but after he tells you that things are working. and don’t forget to transfer the apartment to this lady doctor. I got 10 2,500 still remain. oh sure there’s more but ciao. and if I die I count on you to take care of things.

*The parliamentary inquiry committee “Zlatanov” was named after Filip Zlatanov, former Chair of the Commission on Prevention and Ascertainment of Conflict of Interest (CPACI). In July 2013 Zlatanov was charged by the prosecution with malfeasance in office after an “intriguing notebook” was seized from his desk. The notebook contained written instructions about a number of cases such as “to strike, to postpone, to delay, and to conceal”. It also made it evident that Zlatanov complied with the instructions. The people mentioned in the notebook included Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev. There were also numerous initials believed to be of leading figures in the then (and now) ruling center-right party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB). All of them vehemently denied any involvement. Zlatanov also adamantly denied he received instructions for his work, saying these were his own notes with ideas about how to proceed and that he forgot who the people behind the initials were. In April 2014, the Sofia City Court sentenced him to three-and-a-half years in prison and he is appealing the sentence.

In some very recent developments, the notorious notebook was mysteriously stolen from the car of Stefan Benchev***, graphology expert, previously employed by DS, while he was on his way to return it to the investigation. The whereabouts of the notebook remain unknown. It also emerged that an unknown perpetrator from the prosecution has changed the initials DP (presumed to be of Delyan Peevski) to the number 10.

**Delyan Peevski is a shady media mogul and lawmaker from the party of the Turkish minority, Movement for Rights and Freedoms, DPS. He is believed to have strong influence in politics in Bulgaria by being the frontman of the lifetime honorary Chairman of DPS, Ahmed Dogan, known as the most powerful “puppeteer” of the transition period. The 2013 year-long protest rallies in the country were sparked by the Parliament’s appointment of Peevski as Chief of the National Security Agency (DANS), forcing the lawmakers to withdraw the appointment.


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