Communist State Security and Alleged Organized Crime Group Members Visited Failed Bank’s Majority Shareholder

Dimitar Ivanov AKA the Gestapo and Mladen Mihalev AKA Madzho visited the banker

The unraveling of the pandemonium with the visitors* of the headquarters of the failed private lender Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB) undeservedly overlooked prominent representatives of the former Communist Secret Services – the State Security (DS) and of thug’s groups. Meanwhile, their presence on the leaked pages of the notebook of the CCB’s gatekeeper is more than apparent.

On October 10, 2013 at 4:08 pm, the last boss of the Sixth Division of the State Security Dimitar Ivanov AKA Mityo the Gestapo appeared in the office of CCB’s majority shareholder Tsvetan Vasilev. He was accompanied by the leader of the pro-Putin propaganda in Bulgaria, Svetlana Sharenkova, and Alex Bebov – financier and partner of Vladimir Karolev.


Two hours later Karolev, also known as State Security agent with the codename “Kamen”, also arrived in person. Karolev, who is currently an adviser of Economy Minister Lukarski, explained on Twitter that he visited Tsvetan Vasilev publicly and in the company of auditors. There was indeed such a visit, but it is also a fact that Karolev had several solo visits with the banker, unaccompanied by anyone.


SIC transit…

With the promptness of a Swiss watch, at 9:00 am on November 7, 2013, Ventsislav Stefanov and Mladen Mikalev AKA Madzho from SIC (one of the two alleged major crime groups from the 1990s) appeared before Tsvetan Vasilev. They went up to his office on 12th floor. Obviously, the visit has been strictly business, and not water cooler talk, because the SIC bosses have left the building exactly 21 minutes later.

We can only speculate about the purpose of this visit and what links the former “Banker of the Year” with the famous mafia boss. Vassilev and Mikhalev have both acquired second homes in Switzerland, but the banker’s one is in Geneva, while Madzo’s is in Zug. However, Vasilev’s frequent guests also included senior DS cop-snitches from the mythical circle “Monterey” of which Mladen Mihalev is said to have been part. Former Interior Minister, Rumen Petkov, known for his warm relations with Madzo, has been a regular visitor as well. But unlike Petkov or the former Chief of the State Agency for National Security (DANS), Ivan Drashkov and other “Monterey” people, Mihalev visited the banker only once and briefly.

*During the past week, photocopied pages of the notebook listing the names of the visitors of the majority shareholder of the collapsed CCB bank, Tsvetan Vasilev, leaked to Bulgarian media. Vasilev officially denied any involvement in the leak.


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