Is Ahmed Dogan, the new owner of TPP Varna, really not involved in politics?

Controversial ‘Former’ Bulgarian Party Leader Receives Salary from Political Foundation

by Екип на Биволъ

Ahmed Dogan, the Lifetime Honorary Chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), the party largely representing the Muslim minority in Bulgaria, stopped being involved in politics six years ago and can engage in whatever business he wants to engage in.

This is how the current DPS leader, Mustafa Karadayi commented on the report by Capital daily that Dogan has acquired a 70% stake in the “Varna” Thermal Power Plant (TPP) in the Black Sea city with the same name.

However, a check in the website of the National Social Security Institute (NSSI), which is currently down, but until Thursday afternoon allowed to see the insurance status of each person without introducing a personal code, shows that until August this year, Ahmed Dogan, had been receiving social benefits from the Foundation “Liberal Integration” for the maximum insurable monthly income under Bulgarian law of BGN 2,600.

According to data reported to the NSSI, Dogan has been working hard for 23 work days each month at the Foundation, which is closely associated with the DPS. Its leadership includes Karadayi and the MEP from the same party Iskra Mihaylova. Even the email address listed for contact is [email protected] In addition, the Foundation is a partner of the European party ALDE, which is a purely political organization.

It is a mystery, however, how this Foundation is financed as it publicly declares quite small revenues, much below the sums that are needed for Ahmed Dogan’s salary and benefits.

While working hard at the Foundation since 2017, according to NSSI’s website, Ahmed Dogan has also been laboring on advancing his own business. Prior to buying TPP “Varna”, he incorporated a joint venture with Rumen “The Wolf” Gaytanski -that will be engaged in water supply projects.


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