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Hackers have managed to sneak a pirate code in the site of Bulgaria’s State Agency for National Security (DANS), computer experts from the forum found out.

The glitch affects the temporary directory on the website of the Agency, where a simple self-advertisement of Brazilian hackers has been uploaded, but it is unclear whether the damage is more extensive.

Commentators on remind that this is not the first case of hacking the very same site. Two years ago, it was spoiled and the traces of the hacker attack are stored in the archive of the site Zone-h.

The State Agency for National Security has a huge budget. It has repeatedly stirred scandals over improper wiretapping of journalists and politicians. It also emerged last summer that DANS agents were summoning for “preventive care” people protesting against the government.

Bivol is still awaiting response to its formal request whether journalists and owners of the website have been subject to a secret probe and to spying after the publication of the “Buddha” file, exposing the criminal past of now-former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

We should also note here that in addition to wiretapping and eavesdropping on people “inconvenient” for the country’s rulers, DANS deals with the cybersecurity of Bulgaria.



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