In memoriam of Victoria Marinova

Dedicated to the Truth

by Екип на Биволъ

We are dedicated to the Truth. We stand behind every one of our words and publications. Sadly, the Truth is that Bulgaria is gravely ill from corruption and captured by the Mafia State. That it holds irreversibly the last place in freedom of speech, but the first in corruption in Europe. That the Judiciary and the Ministry of Interior serve murky and oligarchic interests.

The Truth is that Victoria Marinova launched recently an investigative TV program, focusing on the grand corruption scandal #GPGroup. That the next episode would have been dedicated to Hitrino’s killer train and its real owners, something that was revealed again by Bivol but censored by mainstream media. The Truth is that just a month ago we were tipped off about being potential targets over the GP investigation. That the police arrested the team we had sent to a remote area to gather evidence of huge crimes with EU funds and of a corruption scheme. The truth is that the Interior Ministry lied very bluntly after this arrest, trying to distort the case through inadmissible manipulations. The Truth is that Victoria was brutally murdered, that her death was very painful and excruciating, and that it was presumed without any reliable facts and evidence that the murder had nothing to do with her work. That the entire state propaganda and obedient media were harnessed full force to recite the motives for the murder and to marginalize the victim and the crime, pointing only to sexual motives. The Truth is that we have never claimed that only a certain lead should be true, but have only stated the bare facts and have insisted on an independent investigation.

Because we do not trust our country’s responsible authorities as that have permanently discredited themselves before the public and this is a sociologically lasting process. The Truth is that this tragedy attracted global attention to what is happening in Bulgaria, and that this attention proved to be terribly uncomfortable for the mafia and the establishment. The Truth is that the latter two realized that they are not untouchable and their outrages would not go unnoticed, that the global democratic community DOES NOT OBSERVE their value system, but that of true democracy and rule of law – the values that are the engine of human civilization.

Farewell Victoria, RIP, we will keep our memory of you! We mourn with her relatives and her young child who was left without a mother

Bivol, 6 pm, 10.10.2018, Facebook page 

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From Victoria’s Facebook profile in May 2018

Getting ready to go to work, I hear: ” Mom, come here quickly! I want to take a picture of you because you are the most beautiful and the best mother in the world! Please show this photo to the entire world, mom. For them to know that I have had the lucky draw.

And Victoria Marinova’s latest commentary on, investigative show “Detector”, September 30, 2018

“The picture of investigative journalism in Bulgaria is quite controversial. On the one hand, strong governmental and corporate pressure on media owners and the media themselves. More and more topics becoming taboo. Systematic removal of investigative journalists. And on the other – undeniable successes of investigations in recent years. Most of them are the ones published on the site. Our team has committed to provide a platform for journalistic investigations in the future. As well as to carry out our own when they are of utmost public interest. Because this is Detector. The show that detects the lies. And gives priority to the truth.”


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