The New Head of Bulgaria’s State Fund Agriculture Vassil Grudev Has No Ph.D., as He Claims in His Biography

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Vassil Grudev, who is the Executive Director of the State Fund Agriculture since October 21, has received his university education in France. According to his official biography, published on the website of State Fund Agriculture, he “has graduated from the Law School of the University “Franche-Comté” in Besançon, France, in 2003, and a year later, he received a Master’s Degree in Administrative Law from the same university. In 2005, he became a Ph.D. and associate professor at the Law Department of the University “Robert Schuman” in Strasbourg, France.” (bolded by the editors)

For sure, Vassil Grudev has not received educational and Ph.D. degrees in Strasbourg or anywhere else in France. This can be proved by a simple check in the central depository of dissertations, in which there is no trace of his scientific work. Bivol examined all possible spellings of the name of Grudev, written in Latin alphabet:

To obtain a Ph.D. in France at least 3 years are required. Exceptions include some particularly gifted students in science and mathematics. In the area of law, in which Grudev trained, there is certainly no way to obtain a Master’s Degree in 2004 and a Ph.D. in 2005.

In fact, in 2005, Grudev had not even been able to enroll in a Ph.D. program, as in France the Master’s Degree for future Ph.Ds. lasts two years. In the best case scenario, it is possible that in 2005 Grudev has completed the so-called Diploma for In-depth Training (DEA), which until 2004, replaced the second year of graduate studies.

What exactly has Vassil Grudev been doing at the University of Strasbourg, after, apparently, he did not become a Ph.D. is to be established. Bivol also sent an inquiry to the University of Besançon regarding Grudev’s Master Degree, which is mandatory for his current post.

Updated October 30, 2013, 5:30 pmThe press office of the State Fund Agriculture sent a response to a request of Bivol to provide a copy of Vassil Grudev’s Master’s Degree diploma from the University of Besançon. A copy of the diploma was not provided, but the following numbers of diplomas in the name of Vassil Groudev from the University of Besançon were sent: License N ° Besanco 3476865/2002200103953 (equivalent to Bachelor’s Degree, BA) and Maîtrise N ° Besanco 3477839/2003200204620 (Maîtrise equivalent to Master’s Degree – editor’s note).

* The term “Ladybug” was born after the scandal with the fake German diploma of the former CEO of State Fund “Agriculture” Kalina Ilieva, for which she received a three-year suspended sentence. “Kalinka” (diminutive of Kalina, meaning ladybug in Bulgarian – editor’s note) gained new meaning in the Bulgarian language – the one of incompetent State servant.


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