Disabled People, Thrown Out on the Street, Will Set Themselves Ablaze in front of Burgas City Hall

Elderly people, deceived by the property mafia, lost their home and live on the street

Three elderly Bulgarians will self-immolate in front of the Burgas City Hall. These people have been thrown out on the street from the only home they own. Radka Mihova’s family is composed of three adults, two of whom are disabled. Her mother is bedridden and is in her 90-ties. Her husband is 64, with two strokes and he is paralyzed. The tree are doomed and are willing to put an end to their misery, but by protesting in their agony against the absurdity and inhumanity of our State and society.

The desperate Ms Mihova rang the editorial office of Bivol on Thursday to seek one last understanding of their cruel tragedy. The Mihov family have become the latest victim of the notorious Burgas property mafia. They have lost all their possessions through shark-loaning and legal tricks; the result of their entire conscious labor against a 10,000 US dollars loan taken from a moneylender.

For decades, the property mafia has been destroying the lives of hundreds of poor, defenseless and naive people. It has become something of the symbols of Burgas, because it has been acting undisturbed for decades in this city – an oasis of crime. Some of the victims ended their lives; others died as homeless, abandoned and spurned; others passed away under strange circumstances. Prosecutors are refusing to investigate. As always. The State and the institutions are not interested in the horror of these people. The corrupt judiciary is assisting the criminals in robbing the victims. Mobsters play their sinister schemes, supported by judges, prosecutors and corrupt lawyers. The municipality remains cold-hearted for the parched lives of the victims suffering in poverty. These people do not seem to be part of our reality. They are left to themselves and to the cynicism of their killers. They do not believe in this country, led and ruled by criminals. They are not protected at all from the power. On the contrary – the victims are inconvenient witnesses of the terrible inhumanity in modern Bulgaria, turned into a mafia land.

Radka Mihova is ready to self-immolate, together with her sick husband and her mother before the lifeless eyes of white-collar bureaucrats. She is our compatriot and fellow-citizen. Will there be an institution, a party, a politician, a NGO, or simply one person to understand this humanitarian and social macabre drama? Or will it remain just a confession before Bivol, as a crying voice in the wilderness? Today we can still help save the Mihov family. Tomorrow, it will be too late – for them and for the salvation of our consciences and our souls, obese from malice and greed.

Ms Mihova’s plea can be heard below (in Bulgarian).


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