The Ministry of Environment and Waters (MEW) reacted last Thursday to the publication of Bivol from Wednesday, October 8, about the decision of the Head of the Regional Directorate of Environment and Waters (RIEW) in Burgas to not have an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for large-scale project near the wild “Karadere” beach.

“The Minister of Environment and Waters Svetlana Zhekova requested the administrative file for the issuance of Decision № BS-78-PR / June 10, 2014 on the evaluation of the need for an assessment of the environmental impact of the project” Construction of Luxury Camping Site” under the plan of the municipality and the town of Byala and became thoroughly acquainted with the reasons of RIEW Burgas’ Director for its issuance. Based on the information provided by the RIEW Burgas’ documentation, the Minister noted gaps in the issued administrative act that warrant the cancellation of EIA. Nevertheless, due to the provisions of the Administrative Code, she has no legal basis to revoke it without being appropriately approached as the rules require, namely the filing of a complaint against the decision,” is written in a press release distributed by the Ministry.

The organization “Let’s Save Karadere” announced that they will bring forward such a complaint, but also reminded that there is already a file against the project company “Maxi One” in MEW. Bivol sent representatives to the next-day (Friday) meeting scheduled between civic organizations and Minister Zhekova. The issue what happened to the prosecutor’s investigation in the illegal Detailed Territorial Development Plan (PUP) “Byala North”, which was also approved without an environmental assessment in violation of the law, remains open. The Chief of RIEW Burgas, who signed the controversial decision, is grounding it precisely on this PUP.

This is the second case in which the caretaker government responds quickly to cases of high public interest related to construction on the last pristine beaches on the Black Sea. In September, after another protest – of the group “Let’s Preserve Coral” – MEW issued a compulsory administrative measure for the upcoming construction on the beach “Coral”, which Bivol has been investigating for years. Minister Zaharieva referred the construction permits, revalidated by the municipality of Tsarevo, to the prosecution and the State National Construction Control (SNCC) warned it would stop any construction in the area.



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