Electoral District Abroad and Parliament without Bro Sali

This is indicated by an online program to calculate the distribution of parliamentary seats
Екип на Биволъ

If there was an electoral district “Abroad” with ten parliamentary seats, the party largely representing the Turkish minority in Bulgaria – Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) – would not have received a mandate in the city of Kyustendil, where shady Roma Alexander Methodiev, AKA Bro Sali, secured a term in the new Parliament. The Movement would further lose mandates in Vidin, Gabrovo, Montana, Shumen, and Yambol, and gain an additional one in Kardzhali and five from abroad.

Anyone can verify these calculations by using the online program provided by Bivol here. The authors of the program are Prof. Lubomir Gavrilov from the Institute of Mathematics in Toulouse (mathematical analysis), Dr. Stefan Manov (concept and algorithm), and Delyan Delchev (programming).


Сега ДПС печели 1 мандат в Кюстендил с 800 гласа. С МИР Чужбина ДПС няма мандат в Кюстендил

Сега ДПС печели 1 мандат в Кюстендил с 800 гласа. С МИР Чужбина ДПС няма мандат в Кюстендил

The software runs directly in the web browser by uploading different results and calculates fully transparently and verifiably the distribution of mandates. It can also be used to check data from previous elections and for simulations with different data and electoral district configurations.

The program that is officially used today was published during the 2013 elections. Then the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) and Information Services refused to release the source code to calculate the results. Furthermore, Prof. Gavrilov and Dr. Manov found a bug in the methodology proposed by Prof. Kalinov from CEC, thus his methodology “earned” the ironic nickname “The Kalinci Code”. On behalf of the Interim Public Councils of Bulgarians Abroad, Prof. Gavrilov and Dr. Manov tabled in the Parliament an expert proposal for correction of the Electoral Code, providing for the creation of a central ballot to avoid distortions of the vote. It was not accepted by the Committee working on the Electoral Code, led by the lawmaker from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) Maya Manolova.

The distortion of the election results is a direct consequence of the distorted electoral geography, as calculations show. The electoral district “Abroad” was proposed and justified before both the centrist Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) and BSP, however to no avail. The conclusion is simple – party leaderships stubbornly and consistently refuse to treat Bulgarian citizens abroad as voters with equal rights over fears they will mess up their election games.



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