French Colonel with Fake Embassy Address Took Control of Dunarit

The other manager of the company Kemira, owner of Dunarit, is connected with Putin's oligarch Malofeev

Colonel Vladimir Mikoulinsky, former military attaché of France in Bulgaria, has been registered on March 20 as manager of the company Kemira, which owns Dunarit. Bivol already wrote about the attempt to appoint him as procurator of Hedge Investment Fund which holds the controlling stake in Kemira. This attempt was rejected by the Trade Registry due to incompatibility with the statutes of the company. The other manager, entered on this date, is a Belgian with a Russian passport – Pierre Michel Louvrier, and is associated with Russian “Orthodox oligarch” Malofeev. Louvrier, who is a supporter of Putin’s aggressive policy, represents the company LIC33 that indicated its intention to acquire the assets of banker Tsvetan Vasilev, including the telecom BTC, Dunarit, Terem, NURTS and TV7.

False address at the French Embassy

In a notarized statement, entered in the Trade Registry, Mikoulinsky indicated as his current address 27-29 Oborishte Street in Sofia, and this is the address of the French Embassy. The same address was listed in the declaration of entry of a procurator of Hedge Investment Fund. A few days ago, the press service of the Embassy officially stated for Bivol the following:

“Mr. Vladimir Mikoulinsky is a retired former French officer. The address 27-29 Oborishte Street in Sofia is the one of the Embassy of France. Only the Ambassador of France resides at this address.”

This means that Retired Colonel Mikoulinsky has provided a fake address in an official document and if the prosecutor decides to exercise supervision of legality, this could seriously disrupt the Colonel’s plans.

French pensions rounded in rubles?

The team of the mysterious “European investor” LIC33 includes two other Frenchmen – retired Gendarmerie General Bertrand Cavalier as security adviser and Jean Joseph Jacober – investment adviser. As Bivol wrote, the links between Pierre Louvrier and the sanctioned by the European Union and the United States, close to Putin Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev are obvious. But what is the explanation for this gathering of former French officers? We can hardly talk about a Franco-Russian Conspiracy, circumventing the sanctions on our territory. Rather, the former French officers earn additional money to pad their pensions, as they are (consciously or not) participating in a temporary cover-up for Putin’s economic invasion. Rather awkwardly, by the way, as evidenced by the fake address on Oborishte street.

Who is behind Dunarit and Terem?

It is believed that the two companies are part of the assets of the majority shareholder of the failed Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB), banker Tsvetan Vasilev, who, however, does not identify himself as the ultimate owner. Hedge Investment is owned by the offshore company EFV International Financial Ventures LTD, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands and has accounts in the Swiss branch of the British bank RCS Coutt. Bivol published earlier documents which show that large sums have been transferred from this company to offshore companies registered under the name of trade union leaders Dr. Konstantin Trenchev and the Secretary General of the Confederation of Labor “Podkrepa” (Support), Andrey Varbanov. Varbanov has been CFO and later a consultant of the minority owner of “Dunarit” – “Nikkomers 01″.



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