Government Failed Bulgaria at EXPO 2015

Readers suspect sabotage of Bulgarian economy at the World Exhibit

Bivol is publishing a reader’s letter, sent through Facebook. The topic deserves public attention and a response from the institutions in charge.

“Hey, I do not know why I am writing you, but I think it’s because I see you as an authority in the disclosure of the truth and the indication of problems. Something happened yesterday that really solidified my position that some people want to deliberately wipe out our country. Italian friends were calling me, saying: “We are in Milan at the World Exhibit of Food and there is no Bulgarian stand here. There is a Romanian stand; there are stands of almost all countries, but not a Bulgarian one. Is this true and why is that? I checked the Internet and I found information that government bureaucrats are failing Bulgaria’s participation.

So…, like it is not enough that we only have yoghurt, wine and cheese left, but to intentionally dwindle this, one must be really dumb … Britain and the UAE have been ready to give us a stand; there are 24 million visitors before whom one cane advertise, and they are f… (explicit) this (excuse the expression) so… But it is not laziness and stupidity, maybe… it is deliberate.

Sorry about the complaint, but I become quite upset by such things, and I felt that I could write this to you…



A check of Bivol showed that indeed the current government has made the official decision that Bulgaria should not be represented at the World Expo where it can promote its products in some of our strongest sectors – agriculture and food industry. The Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party’s (GERB) government has revoked the decision of the previous caretaker Cabinet that was in favor of the participation of our country. A stand with a total exhibition area of 584 square meters has been reserved for Bulgaria, next to Britain’s one. Mainly Bulgarian agribusiness and scientific achievements were expected to be promoted. The required budget was only 5 million levs, of which 2.5 million were previously slated early last year.

Bulgaria has participated in the last three world exhibitions in Japan, Shanghai and Hanover. The current EXPO 2015 in Milan involves 135 countries. Even “problematic” countries like Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq will have their own stands. The global presentation of different countries and economies will be accompanied by more than 1,300 cultural events – plays, concerts, exhibitions… The EXPO is held under the motto “Feeding the planet. Energy for Life“. With the refusal of the Bulgarian government, for the first time in decades, Bulgaria is deprived of the possibility to present the opportunities and potential it has. This will foil attracting vital foreign investments and in fact reveals something worse than mere incompetence or lack of funds.



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