Our author Mladen Dotchev has left us. He was a talented and 100% incorruptible Bulgarian journalist. Not everyone knew him, because he wrote mostly for the British press, but also for Bulgarian sites Bivol and Offnews.

He is the author and organizer of really extreme criminal investigations that had great resonance in Britain. He also wrote sharp polemic essays. Let’s remember some of his English texts:

The Times: Visa hopefuls plan to travel as tourists – then find a job

Daily Mirror: Battling Bulgarian Brothers Taso and Asen Hadjiev’s Forty-Year Feud Rages On

Mladen had hot information about some of the most emblematic mafia murders and cases related to the backstage rule and the dark political corruption. In any case, his untimely death is a terrible sign for Bulgaria. Bivol will fully investigate whether his death was an accident or there were other reasons.

Харесва ли Ви статията?
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Rest in peace!


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