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Judge “Removed” from Her Office “This and That”; Supreme Judicial Council Admitted that Documents Are Missing

Yaneva Gate, Season 3, Episode 8: A check in the Court established that three reports are missing
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After her suspension from the office of President of the Sofia City Court (SCC), Vladimira Yaneva, has called her deputy Bogdana Zhelyavska and has begged her to give her some time to “take with her this and that”. Zhelyavska had agreed.

In an earlier published recording, Yaneva calls on the insistence of attorney Mondeshki her secretary Svetla and orders her to pull out and give to the court driver a red folder with a report by “Topchiyska” for criminal judge Mimi Petrova and a tucked inside “court rule”.

Bivol asked questions to the SCC about the report that file clerk Topchiyska has prepared in the period prior to Yaneva’s suspension. The answer shows that three reports have been filed, but have disappeared and their paper copies cannot be found.

Here is the full response from the press office of the most important court in the country where cases against those in power are being tried:

As we already informed you, reports by Diyana Topchiyska for the period January 15, 2015 – February 19, 2015, are not available in the SCC and in particular in the paper records maintained by the administration of judge Vladimira Yaneva. The current leadership of the SCC cannot ascertain whether such have been prepared, where they are located and why they have not been stored properly, while some of those in charge of this type of reports are no longer working in the SCC. A check involving the same period in the electronic system of the Court registry revealed three incoming numbers of reports from Diyana Topchiyska, but they are missing in the paper archive and their contents cannot be proven. Diyana Topchiyska explained that she has filed them in the registry, but did not know what happened with them later and to whom they were given. She pulled from the computer, on which she worked as Head of the Registry of the Commercial Division, two saved reports from the period in question, addressed to judge Vladimira Yaneva with copies to the then Head of the Commercial Division, judge Ivo Datchev. Both relate to cases in the VI-8 docket. However, it cannot be proven whether these are the same reports that she has filed in the registry because the copies do not have incoming numbers and a signature and only match the period of creation of the file. Further, there is no way to establish the number of reports prepared by Topchiyska because, in her words, there may be some that have never been entered in the registry. The only fact that can be proven is that there are three incoming numbers for reports by Topchiyska, but the paper copies are not available in the archive.

It can be concluded from the above that it is highly likely that the report removed by Yaneva with the help of Svetla and Iliyan is the third missing report. The other two are addressed to Vladimira Yaneva with a copy to the judge in the case of the collapsed Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB) and are available. Shockingly, however, the file clerk refuses to communicate what was the content of this document (the third report), which she, herself, has prepared. No less surprising is the refusal of the SCC to carry out a probe in the missing “red folder” due to “lack of evidence”, while not asking the prosecution to investigate.

The question where these reports and files went is not unimportant. In addition to the fact that the removal of judicial documents is illegal, it is possible that this was done to conceal more serious crimes. What kind of “court rule” was eventually “tucked” and destined to the attention of a criminal judge? The nervousness of attorney Mondeshki and his insistence to have this document destroyed is hardly a coincidence.

Mondeshki (M): Right there, where I told you to just throw them away? Or bring them with you, but do not leave them there.

There are enough witnesses of what exactly happened with the “red folder”: Vladimira Yaneva, Momchil Mondeshki, Rumyana Chenalova, a file clerk, a secretary and a driver were involved in removing it. It is doubtful, however, that the institutions will delve into this scandal, one of many emerging from the recordings from #Yaneva Gate.

Listen to the recording here (in Bulgarian):



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