Megali Activist and Employee of Mobster Boss Heads the National Association “Bulgarian Black Sea Coast”


The President of the National Association “Bulgarian Black Sea Coast” (NABBSC, Dimitar Kanariev, is Vice-President of the AMERICAN HELLENIC EDUCATIONAL PROGRESSIVE ASSOCIATION (AHEPA) – a Megali (Big or Great – editor’s note) Greek organization in Bulgaria

The National Association “Bulgarian Black Sea Coast” (NABBSC) started disseminating its opinions in media in the summer of 2013, a few months after its founding in April in the Black Sea town of Pomorie. NABBSC positioned itself as representative of the interests of “local people”, protecting “investment projects” and is activated after every protest against construction on the Black Sea Coast. Its last action was against eco protests to save one of the few remaining unspoiled beaches – Karadere.

The main enemy of NABBS is “evil forces” from inland, people protesting in downtown Sofia against construction detrimental to nature and environmental organizations, such as “Green Balkans.” The Association spreads outright lies and slander against them, fully in line with the “green octopus” fantasy, published in oligarchic media. The aim of NABBSC is to legitimize itself, at least in media, as a “green” organization, particularly concerned about “clean” coastline. Regarding the latter, lovers of wild camping are its top target.

The chairman of NABBSC, Dimitar Kanariev, is the most active in the media. From his profile in the professional network LinkedIn, we learn that he currently works as Commercial Manager at V.R.B. Group JSC, which is owned by the infamous Plamen Timev AKA Gandhi, a credit millionaire and a ringleader of the VIS organized crime group, who survived gangster wars. He is also known as agent “Dimov” from the former Communist State Security (DS).

Previously, Kanariev was employee of the Greek embassy for four years, and before that – an employee of the Greek Alpha Bank.

If we follow the “Greek trail”, Kanariev’s inclusion as Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian branch of the association AHEPA – a Hellenic and Megali organization, zealously protecting the so-called “Megali Idea” of Great Greece – is particularly interesting.

A reference in the Daxy registry shows that the President of the chapter association AHEPA BULGARIA -SOFIA is a Greek businessman living in Bulgaria, Ioakeim Kalamaris. He deals with property management and construction. Kalamaris is a Ph.D. from the College of Economics in the Danube town of Svishtov, boasting itself as Academy. It was also the place of the Ph.D. career of the infamous judicial “lobbyist” Krassimir Georgiev, better known as Krasio (diminutive from Krassimir – editor’s note) The Black.

The page of AHEPABG.ORG, with information about its founders and members, is not currently active. According to a reference in the global Internet Archive – – the site was visible in the summer of 2013, but disappeared after Dimitar Kanariev began active work for the benefit of investors and against environmental organizations. The internet domain name is registered to the Executive Director of AHEPA, Ioannis Pitas. He was manager of the Bulgarian branch of the Luxembourg software company “Intrasoft International.”

Kanariev’s family became publically infamous 14 years ago, due to Dimitar Kanariev’s father, Slavey Kanariev – one of the managers of the Bulgarian- Greek association “Anchialo” (the name of Pomorie when it was an ancient Greek colony – editor’s note). At that time, its members launched a war against Pomorie priest Father Peter Kumanov because he refused to serve the Easter liturgy in the church in Greek. The pro-Greek activists organized a church court and tried to remove the priest for his position, which was protecting Bulgaria’s national interest. On this occasion, journalistic investigations revealed that agents of Greek intelligence were building a network of collaborators on the southern Black Sea coast and even organized a Congress in the town of Nessebar. The event was called “Congress of Eastern Rumelia Greeks,” a name directly linked to the anti-Bulgarian theory that 120 years after the Unification of the Kingdom of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia, there is no southern Bulgaria, as it is still considered Eastern Rumelia. Special lists of all children in some settlements have been generated, and the talented among them were financed by Greece through pro-Greek NGOs for different vacation camps, courses in Greek and proposals to receive education in Bulgaria’s southern neighbor. According to analyzes of the Bulgarian intelligence services, this was a long-term goal, creating lasting preconditions to change the national consciousness of young Bulgarians from poorer families, mainly from southeast Bulgaria. After the press exposed these Megali activities, they subsided, but apparently have not been suspended.

Wealthy counter-protesters

An investigation of the site Club-Z recently showed that other members of NABBSC are individuals with property and economic interests in the region, Donka Kitanova and Apostol Tranov participate in the “Association of Landowners from the Villages of Emona, Irakli and Banya.” Kiril Dimitrov is a manufacturer of salt and Todor Georgiev – a restaurant and hotel owner.

NABBSC organizes counter-protests as well. For example, the head of its local branch in Tsarevo, Stoyan Yovnov, was among the most active in the counter-protest last summer in support of the “destroyer” of Strandzha Nature Park, Petko Arnaudov. Then the “Contras” attacked those protesting against the appointment of Arnaudov as Head of the local Forestry with shouts “Nudists, nudists,” turning themselves into a true nationwide laughing stock.

Besides being a local chief of NABBSC, Yovnov is known as a former mayor of Tsarevo, elected on the ballot of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and longtime secretary of the municipality. At the end of 2006, his daughters Petra and Donka received the right to build on public land as “persons with housing needs.” The two daughters are currently erecting two impressive buildings, which obviously can satisfy the summer beech vacation housing needs of a dozen families.

Houses built by the daughters of Iovnov


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