The puzzle is coming together. Bivol has insisted for a long time that controversial Bulgarian lawmaker Delyan Peevski has transferred his loans from the failed private lender Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB/CCB) to First Investment Bank (FIB). Assen Yordanov, Director and editor of Bivol spoke about this in the bTV talk show “Face to Face” on October 27. Other evidence is slowly emerging such as the one in an article of our colleague Miroslav Ivanov. FIB – “the worst bad apple bank” according to secret US cables is the new “bank of # WHO”. Former US Ambassador John Beyrle has written the following in a classified report: “FIB is now considered to have one foot in the legitimate retail world ) it is known as one of the most aggressive and “polished” banks ) as well as one in the murkier criminal realm. The transfer exposes the reasons why FIB was rescued with public money and taxpayers will pay for this “rescue” for which the government is preparing to take out new debt. Therefore, no one will dare to touch the seraglio of Dogan in Rosenets, while the wannabe-reformers will whimper softly under the strict gaze of Buddha and will not utter a word.


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