Participant in Conversations Confesses about #Yaneva Gate Recordings: They Are Authentic and Made to Be Used for Racketeering

The main argument against a probe in the recordings no longer exists
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On the first day of November, the close to the government and to controversial lawmaker Delyan Peevski newspaper Trud published an interview with lawyer Momchil Mondeshki focused on Yaneva Gate. In the interview, Mondeshki confesses that the scandalous recordings were made deliberately and consciously by a cast including former judges Vladimira Yaneva and Rumyana Chenalova and himself, something as a radio drama play, which was to serve as insurance against the infamous “finishing”. The three agreed:

“To talk about things that may sound authentic, hyperbolized and, how to say it, spicy about some people … In the recordings, we have used the names of influential people for whom this could be a problem in the future.”

These words point directly to an intentional act of blackmail and extortion. With his confession Mondeshki directly places himself and the two judges under Chapter II of the Penal Code “Crimes against a Person”, Sections V, VI, VII, VIII. There is no need to even comment on violations of the Judiciary Act and the Code of Ethics of the Bulgarian Magistrates.

According to the interview, Rumyana Chenalova has made the recordings in her home with a tape recorder. As evidence, the interview is accompanies by two sound files where we can hear how Chenalova says: “How does one stop this thing and listen to what is recorded? Testing, testing.” Mondeshki further hints that the three protagonists were not alone in their hellish deed, but declines to provide other names for now.

There is, therefore, an organized criminal group that has planned to make up slander to discredit and implicate in breach of office, trading influence and lack of morality senior politicians and magistrates, such as Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov, the President of the Supreme Administrative Court Georgi Kolev, the member of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) Dimitar Uzunov, the Head of the Ethics Commission of the SJC Yassen Todorov, other members of the SJC, an editor-in-chief of a national newspaper, a well- known arbitration lawyer and even a file clerk and a driver employed by the Sofia City Court (SCC,) who have pulled out on the order of Yaneva a “red folder”. The list of persons is not exhaustive and it is constantly expanding. Quite rightly, one can conclude that victims of the plan to commit a crime not only include a wide range of really influential people but ordinary acquaintances and colleagues of the participants. It now remains to see whether the targets of the deliberately made plan (according to Momchil Mondeshki) would seek their rights in court and at least sue the conspirators!? And if they do not, then what example would they give of the rule of law in Bulgaria!?

The confessions of Mondeshki equal a serious incrimination and self-incrimination of the three conspirators in “plotting the extortion through libel of people in positions of power”. If we assume that the interview reflects actual facts and circumstances, the actions of the participants are premeditated, contemplated and carried out deliberately. This gives enough grounds to believe that these were preparations to commit a crime. The most serious one would be attributed to the main protagonist in the radio play – Vladimira Yaneva, then to Mondeshki, himself, while Rumyana Chenalova would be the less guilty one because she is the most demure and was probably busy with the recording quality 😉. In this entire saga, the “most intelligent creature is apparently the dog”, as former Minister of Justice, Hristo Ivanov, commented on Facebook, because it could not be accused of any illegal and immoral actions.

What is most important, however, for Bivol and the public in Bulgaria and abroad is that with said interview attorney Momchil Mondeshka provides irrefutable proof that the recordings are real and reflect actual conversations, no matter their purpose and motive!

The prosecution must immediately resume the probe in the case Yaneva Gate, summon Mondeshki for interrogation and analyze the form and content of the new recordings that Bivol has published. The prosecution must get to the bottom of this huge scandal and establish either whether the recordings reflect true facts and circumstances that are verifiable and give grounds to press charges against senior officials in the country or whether they are a deliberate and an intentionally committed crime involving defamation and coercion of powerful figures to derive personal benefits. So far the prosecution has not shown any desire to ascertain the truth in this judiciary scandal that has gained large national and international popularity. The main argument was that it was not clear whether the recordings reflect actual conversations, regardless of the trustworthy expert report provided to the investigation by Bivol. At the same time, media of Delyan Peevski are in a panic and are trying to divert the public attention from the real problem with false and defamatory allegations against our team and our site. However, they have achieved the opposite effect.

Bivol is of the opinion that Mondeshki’s story is the result of his fear over the still unpublished parts of the conversations that will shed quite an unpleasant light on some influential “victims of the blackmail”.

The recordings with Chenalova’s voice, which were published by Trud, are doubtful and contain traces of mounting, which can be heard with the naked ear. A quick analysis of the bandwidth shows that they were made with a microphone with a bandwidth of up to 12 KHz, while all recordings published by Bivol have the same characteristics of up to 16 KHz.

Честотната лента на микрофона, с който са правени всички записи публикувани от Биволъ е до 16 khz.

The bandwidth of the microphone with which all recordings published by Bivol have been taped is up to 16 kHz.


The bandwidth of the microphone with which the recording published in Trud has been taped is 12 KHz. The parts above 18 KHz are from the acoustic codec used for the compression.

We also compared the recordings published in other media of Peevski, where Chenalova is talking to a fortune-teller. They were also presented earlier as “proof” that the judge has recorded the conversations. This recording is made with a microphone covering frequencies up to 20 KHz.


Whether Chenalova alone has recorded this intriguing audio production with three different microphones is up to the investigation to establish. What is certain, however, is that the recordings published by Bivol have not been mounted and that their content is authentic. This has been already claimed by two of the participating parties – Chenalova and Mondeshki. It remains to hear the “main actress in the smear play” – Vladimira Yaneva, who so far has remained silent.


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