Regional Governor of Burgas Exposed as Partner of Chief Designer of Russia’s “Star Wars”

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Pavel Marinov (center) accompanies Sergey Stanishev and Plamen Oresharski during a visit to Burgas, photo Pavel Marinov, personal blog.

The “Alamak” corporation is listed in the Russian federal guide of the “defense – industrial complex of Russia 2007 – 2008,” according to the company’s website. It has been established in 2006 and the property is divided between “Investorgbank” and the companies “Maximum” and “Altair”. “Alamak” has majority shareholding in factories for telecommunication equipment, instruments manufacturing and electricity production in Russia.

According to Russia’s “RIA Novosti” news agency, with its 106 billion rubles, Investorgbank ranks 47 in assets among Russian banks. The main shareholders in Investorgbank are Vladimir Gudkov, Vladimir Udaltsev and two offshore companies in Luxembourg and in the Netherlands. A year ago, Investorgbank was raided by Russian authorities during an investigation of illegal banking activity.

The Russian military-industrial company “Alamak” has a presence in Bulgaria through the company “Alamak Inter,” registered in 2008. After it was set up, its Board of Directors included “Interlog,” a U.S. offshore company registered in the State of Delaware, represented by Bulgarian Pavel Marinov and by Russians Yevgeny Mikhailov Vladimir Gudkov and Sergey Boev. When the company was established, shares were registered by “Alamak PFC,” by Yevgeny Mikhailov, Vladimir Gudkov and Sergey Boev.

The Board of Directors of “ZTV” JSC includes names such as Dennis Lokostov, (member of the Board of Borisoglebskiy Instrument Manufacturing Plant), Yevgeny Mikhailov (member of the Board of Directors of Borisoglebskiy and Moromskiy Instrument Manufacturing Plants), and Sergey Boev (Chief Executive of the military “Space Wars” project of the Russian Federation). These plants have a strategic importance for Russia’s Strategy for Development of the Electronics Industry, which is closely linked to the global military doctrine of this country. The above company is completed by the Head of the Board of Directors of one of the largest Russian banks “Investorgbank.” Precisely this bank was one of the main financial creditors of the Russian government in the period 2008-2010.

“Interlog – USA,” represented by Pavel Marinov, remained on the Board of Directors of “Alamak Inter” at least until June 14 2013, a document from the Trade Registry reveals.

Witn 51%, “Alamak Inter” is the majority shareholder in the Bulgarian coal processing plant in the town of Kableshkovo – “ZTV” JSC. Another 25% of the capital of “ZTV” is held by the company “Interlog Bulgaria.” Bivol’s investigation recently revealed that the UK company “Interlog Balkans” is the owner of “Interlog Bulgaria” and that Pavel Marinov is its manager. However, the company was removed from registries in 2010. Marinov has failed to declare this fact before the Bulgarian authorities and has continued to sign documents on behalf of this company until 2013. Currently and in reality, 25% of the shares of “ZTV” are owned by a ghost company, which has disappeared as legal entity three years ago.

Marinov’s signatures on documents of a company that has vanished de facto represent document fraud, but so far no comment on these findings has been made, neither by the prosecution nor by the government of Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski. De jure, Marinov is currently representative of a trade company and by law cannot be governor as this is a public office. This fact is also neglected by the Prime Minister, who, under Art. 19 Paragraph 3 of the Administration Act shall immediately dismiss Marinov from the post.

As in many other outrageous cases exposed by Bivol, the silence of the country’s rulers speaks of confusion and hasty preparation to avoid the scandal by using crisis PR. This time, however, the task will be of increased difficulty. The strange ties of Burgas Regional Governor Pavel Marinov definitely expand beyond the local context and are turning into a problem for Bulgaria’s relations with its European and Atlantic partners.

The Bulgarian Governor and the Russian Darth Vader”

Marinov links with the company from the Russian military-industrial complex add a new touch to the biography of the local Socialist party boss and current Regional Governor of Burgas. Why has the powerful Russian military-industrial corporation “Alamak” chosen the small Bulgarian factory with 30-40 workers? What exactly produces and exports this factory (which, incidentally, works at a profit) and what is the role of Pavel Marinov, who juggles offshore companies and foreign firms in favor of Russian owners?

These issues also involve national security. Due to the importance of his position the Regional Governor in NATO country, (as Bulgaria still seems to be such) should have access to confidential and classified information. The Burgas region is a particularly sensitive area because one of the U.S. military grounds in Bulgaria and the airport in Sarafovo are located there, both already used by NATO forces for military training and by a terrorist organization for a deadly attack against Israeli civilians. The governor is the representative of the government; he/she coordinates the activities of the institutions in the event of crises. To meet these challenges, the representative of the State must have access to confidential Martial Law and evacuation plans.

Bivol asked the municipal administration if Pavel Marinov had applied for clearance to access classified information.

“Mr. Marinov has signed an agreement and other documents necessary to carry out an extensive research by the relevant authorities in order to determine his reliability in keeping secrecy. During such research, personal data for the said person and, if necessary for third parties associated with him, is collected and processed,” states the answer provided by the municipal press office.

The exposed facts about the company “Alamak,” part of the military-industrial complex of Russia, definitely deserve a more detailed investigation. However, undoubtedly the most curious figure among the “third parties” related to Pavel Marinov is Sergei Fedotovich Boev, co-shareholder in “Alamak Inter” and member of the Board of Directors of “ZTV” JSC.

On February 14 2012, by a decision of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Government of the Russian Federation, Sergey Boev was appointed constructor general of the warning system for missile attack on Russia (SPRN).

Along with the news of Boev’s appointment, it was mentioned that he was the author of works on the development and the improvement of SPRN for “the integration of the system in the aerospace defense and the establishment of its warning system in case of an air-space attack by combination of different information resources.”

“They will not be able to hit us,” Boev assuages the Russian public in an extensive interview with the official Kremlin newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The interview has been translated in Bulgarian.

In a nutshell: “Star Wars,” but brotherly Slavic ones, “embedded” in a Bulgarian factory. Whether Regional Governor Pavel Marinov is an “information source” is a question that must be answered by the State Agency for National Security, DANS and the respective partner services.

These ties, however eloquently reveal before the Bulgarian and international public the concealed nature of the personnel of the current government of Plamen Oresharski.

Who Is Pavel Marinov?

In his own blog, Pavel Marinov introduces himself as a graduate of the First Department of College “Georgi Dimitrov,” which he has successfully completed in 1990. For those readers who may not know it, we only wish to clarify that this department is actually the “State Security Major” from the infamous training school in Sofia of the Communist Ministry of the Interior. Many of the “heroes” of the Transition Period, who established the backstage criminal-oligarchic model of rule of Bulgaria, are its graduates.




The ZTV factory in Kableshkovo, near Burgas

Пламен Орешарски категорично пое отговорност за назначенията на областните управители


Панорама БНТ, Петък 13 2013 г. към 11 мин. 30 сек.:

Пламен Орешарски: Нося отговорност за всички назначения за областни управители!

Водещ: Категорично, ще поемете ли отговорността за всяко назначение, което е направено от кабинета?

Пламен Орешарски: Аз и сега нося тази отговорност.

Водещ: Включително за областни управители, заместник областни управители, на всички нива?

Пламен Орешарски: Да, включително и за областни управители. Подчертах и го подчертавам и сега, че специално при областните управители търсих предложения и от двете партии, които подкрепят кабинета. Мисля, че това е нормален подход.

Водещ: Своя отговорност ли поемата сега или чужда.

Пламен Орешарски: Своя отговорност, аз потърсих кадри от тях.

След категоричното изявление на Премиера за личната отговорност, която поема с назначението на областни и зам.областни упавители, Биволъ започва да изнася данни, факти и документи за закононарушенията, интересите и връзките на правителствените назначения за ръководители на областни администрации


Sergei Boev, head of the Russian Star Wars program


Павел Маринов на партийно събрание на БСП в Бургас. Снимка: Личен блог на Павел Маринов


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