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Monica Yosifova-Stanisheva has relinquished the infamous European grant with an email sent on January 23. This was confirmed by the European Parliament’s Directorate General for Communication. The lawyers of the Directorate are preparing documents for the termination of the contract and for the recovery of the advance pay of 29 679.93 euros obtained shortly after Yosifova married the President of the Party of European Socialists (PES), Sergey Stanishev.

A day earlier, on January 22, Stanishev suddenly departed for Brussels. Bulgarian press linked this unexpected visit to the scandal with the visit of a Member of the Parliament from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) to Syria.

Sources of Bivol in the European Parliament, however, claim that the scandalous grant for “Active Group” is the main topic debated on the sidelines there and not that of the “Syrian voyage.”

The case with the grant for the company of Monica Stanisheva is to be discussed in the Budgets Committee. In addition to this, the Committee will deal with other expenditures of the European Parliament for advertising and communications.

Object of interest is the use of the impressive amount of 60 million euros given in 2012 to three major PR companies. There are suspicions that the “right” subcontractors have been chosen to absorb these funds. This scheme is used to conceal companies and individuals who may be accused of conflict of interest, say our sources.


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